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  • Lakshmi Ganesha Lakshmi Ganesha
  • Lakshmi Ganesha Lakshmi Ganesha

Financial Remedies | Lakshmi Ganesha

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, money, abundance, attraction, luxury and lot more uncountable. Where ever she goes bring light and happiness. Without the lakshmi nothing can move. She is Vishnu Patni the planhaar. In Deepawali the goddess lakshmi is worshipped for year round prosperity and wealth.

Ganesha is the god who is considered the destroyer of all evils and obstacles. It removes all hurdles from ones life. He is the only god who is worshipped first on every Pooja and any important work. Without the Ganesha nothing can be started.

Both Ganesha and Lakshmi has an important role in the divinity. Generallly both the idols are kept together in the temple.

According to vastu Lakshmi should be kept on the right hand side of Ganesha. If both the idols are kept together, they bring money, name and fame in ones life. Ganesha removes hurdles and Lakshmi brings fortune.

Both the idols should be according to Vastu only.

Benefits of Keeping Lakshmi and Ganesha together:

  1. Brings good luck and prosperity.
  2. Brings health and reduced expenses.
  3. According to scriptures it is good to keep Lakshmi and Ganesha together.
  4. Both of them are essential for Deepawali Pooja.
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