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Vastu Remedies | EAST TOILET BOX

Again a very powerful direction, the East is owned by Lord Indra, the bestower of happiness, prosperity, Power and prestige. The planet Surya (Sun) rules this direction that alone is responsible for supporting life and vegetation on Earth. Hence, the East direction is also referred to as the Direction of Growth. Sun has always been regarded as the purifier, cleanser and energizer of the entire universe and therefore the East symbolizes prosperity and fulfilment in one’s life.

Dr. Puneet Chawla, a highly enlightened guru and a professional Vastu consultant with an experience of over 24 years in this field, says an unfavourable east direction can bring a bad name for you and your organisation. To avoid this, the eastern portion of your premises should always be kept neat and tidy. It should be kept free of burden. A toilet in this direction would spoil the positive energies present herein, the reason being that a toilet is where we shed all the negativities and doing so in a pious direction like the East is a sin.

Problems of having a toilet in the east:

• The healing process of removing negativities and ailments, which is the basic therapeutic properties of the sun rising from the east, is hampered

• It blocks the flow of positive energies which lead to the restriction of growth and success of the residers.

• Financial growth gets restricted

• Happiness and prosperity of the house gets depleted

What is the East Toilet Box?

The east toilet box is a special box which contains rare crystals that have been energised and formulated by the eminent Vastu personnel Dr. Puneet Chawla who closely understands the problems and difficulties that humans face in their day to day lives. In order to solve the problem of a toilet in the east direction, Dr. Chawla invented this box which can kill the negativities owning to this Vastu imbalance without having to demolish or relocate the toilet.

Merits of having the East toilet box:

• kills all negative energies present in this direction

• enhances growth

• brings back happiness

• increases flow of cash and wealth

• removes health hazards

How to use the East Toilet Box?

The East Toilet Box should be kept in the east direction in the toilet and should be energised with special mantras as advised by Dr. Chawla. Also, every month on a full moon night it should be ket under the open sky so that its crystals get reenergised and reinvoked.

Dr. Chawla believes life is short, so make it beautiful and meaningful. Lead a life which is more about quality and not quantity and this can be done only if we follow the basic principles of Vastu in our day to day living.


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