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  • Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad
  • Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad
  • Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad

Spiritual Remedies | Panch Supari Ganesha Prassad

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is one such deity without whose worship no auspicious task or puja can be undertaken successfully. Every household of a Hindu family is supposed to have a Ganesha idol and should be worshipped everyday. Lord Ganesha is known as the ‘Vignaharta and mangalkarta,’ the remover of all sorrows and the bestower of success and happiness in one’s life. Lord Ganesha loves the betel nut and hence in several pujas and worship-ceremonies a Ganesha is created out of a betel nut to perform the religious puja paraphernalia. It is very auspicious and must thing to be kept in the pooja mandir. It is said and believed that Lord Ganesh, the destroyer of all obstacles is must in the temple. The betel nut is a very auspicious and pure element in Indian culture. It is a pure spice. Lord Ganpati likes the betel nut and gets happy immediately. The hard texture of the betel nut gives softness in life and gives peace and prosperity. It is carved with knowing of auspicious time. What is the Panch Supari Ganesha? Dr. Puneet Chawla, an enlightened spiritual guru with great knowledge of the Puranas and Upanishads has combined the betel nut or panch supari and the idol of Lord Ganesha and has carved the lord’s idol out of a betel nut itself and named it the ‘Panch Supari Ganesha.’ To further enhance its powers, the maestro of Vastu science has energised it with special mantras. How to use the Panch Supari Ganesha? Place this panch supari Ganesha on any Wednesday on a piece of red cloth in your house temple and worship it everyday. It can be used during special holy ceremonies and pujas as well.


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