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Blessed Live Vaastu Remedies | Peeli kaudi

Peelee kaudi

Oh Maa Lakshmi you are the only one who is worshiped in all the three worlds, You are the consort of Lord Vishnu, You only are stable this world please abide by me forever. And abide by me forever. You move everything; you are the goddess of prosperity, The goddess who lives in lotus, create a lotus in my heart Oh Goddess of wealth please bless me to be wealthy Lakshmi Kaudi is a very rare shankha. Goddess Lakshmi kaudi gets blessings and gains success, prosperity, wealth and fame in life.


   When kept in your house can bring all luck and prosperity. It is said since ancient times that the possession of Kaudis is considered to bring wealth and all around prosperity.

How to use:

  Keep 9 number of kaudis in your temple tied in a yellow cloth. Apply tilak and chant the mantra "Om shreeshriyanamha:" Money Inflow From a very ancient time "Kaudi" was used as the currency and then was used in the ornaments and also used as the key of gambling. As per Hindu Shastras, "Kaudi" is said to be the loving product of "Maha Lakshmi". Kauri is a rare sacred product found in the ocean. As per Hindu mythology, "Kaudi" was obtained from "SamudraManthan" along with "Lakshmi" and other rare divine and holy products. How to use:Place the energized kaudi's in your cash locker on any auspicious day. Tie them in a red cloth. Chant the mantra " Shree".

Evil Eye Effects

It is also related to Lord Shiva because the hairs of Lord Shiva are similar to "Kauri". Indians also use "Kauri" to decorate Nandi, the devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said to be a great tool to save the people from devil/evil eye effects.

How to use:

Place the kaudi's tied in a black cloth pouch on any Saturday. Apply holy ash tilakam on it. place it on your room door or out side of your main door.

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