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Spiritual Charm | Pure loban Powder

In today's hectic lifestyle more and more people are falling into depression. It has become a matter of great concern as this disease has become life threateningly painful. Irrespective of the gender or age, most people fall into depression. There are many medical treatments for this condition bit it all comes with many side effects. Dr. Chawla’s pure Loban is a miracle that can be more beneficial than any medicine and that to without any side effect.

Benefits of Loban

  • According to ancient Hindu texts, Loban is antiquated and finest way to remove negative energy and install positivity.

  • No Hindu ritual is complete without loban or dhoop.

  • Its smell attracts positivity, love, success and protection.

  • It is antidepressant and works immediately.

  • It acts as insect repellent and keeps the surroundings germ-free.

  • Studies show that it helps in building inspiration and creativity and sharpens memory.

  • It has various health benefits like relieving sore throat infection, and decreases the production of mucus.

Not only Hindus but muslims, buddhists and Jains also use this sacred Loban for self purification

Dr. Puneet Chawla, puts his best intentions and brings to you the purist Loban. A 100 Gram packet of pure loban can bring immense amount of positivity and well being into your life. Not only will it bring cosmic energy, it will also eliminate the need of doctor in your house. Dr. Chawla’s pure loban brings you the world of happiness. 


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