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Vastu Remedies | TIGER’S LUCK BOX

‘When it comes to luck, you make your own’- says Dr. Puneet Chawla, an artist of life who uses the brush of Vastu to paint colours in your life. He says, many people think that without luck no matter how much we try or work towards our karma we would never obtain success in life. In simple words, it is very important to have luck in your favour to succeed in life, this is a very common belief with everyone around us. However, Dr. Chawla’s approach towards life is totally different from this. He believes we are the maker of our own luck. We all have a zeal, strength, positivity and synergy within us which we need to identify in order to transform our bad times into good ones.

Dr. Chawla, with his extensive experience of over 24 years in the field of Vastu, gives us the example of a tiger who is regraded as a martial hero and he conquers and rules over the jungle with his strength and confidence. He does not depend on his luck for his prey. Similarly, we humans have to learn to believe in our own self and work towards it so as to turn time and luck both in favour of us.

With constant failure in life, we tend to forget our real worth. This happens mainly when we are surrounded by negative vibrations which are created when we do not abide by vastu principles in our day to day life. Dr. Chawla says that it is highly essential to balance the five elements of nature with the ten directions of the universe and synchronise it within our office and residential building so as to create positive vibrations which in turn confirm our success, happiness and prosperity in life.

How to get your luck in favour of you

Dr. Chawla has created a Tiger’s luck box which has been energised with precious crystals and which are capable of creating positive vibes in and around the surrounding. This box enhances confidence and builds a platform for you to walk towards your goal of success in life in a comfortable and confident manner.

What is the need of the Tiger’s luck box?

1 Enhance confidence

2 Enhances power

3 Increases stability

4 Makes you feel happy and positive

5 Enhances willpower

6 Brings good luck

7 Removes depression and anxiety.

8 Removes Vastu related defects

9 Creates a positive surrounding

10 Increases zeal to work, grow and prosper in life

How to use the Tiger’s luck box?

The tiger’s luck box should be kept near you while working, driving, resting and even studying. Its vibrations are sure to induce positivity in and around you. This box should be re-energised every month under the full moon. Dr. Chawla says that keeping this Tiger’s luck box is sure to change your life for the betterment and bring a shower of good luck and happiness for you.

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