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  • Wealth Shankh Wealth Shankh
  • Wealth Shankh Wealth Shankh

Spiritual Remedies | Wealth Shankh

Wealth Shankh

The conch has a big importance of in Hindu culture. In Sanskrit it is known as Shanka a symbol of purity and auspiciousness. It denotes the beginning of any good work. The sound of Shankh is compared to the sacred sound of AUM.

The Dr. Puneet chawla’s Live vastu Shankh is auspicious and powerful remedy for prosperity and good luck. It is made of pure brass and energised in good Mahuratas. The natural Shankh is of many types and sometimes unavailable in authentic forms.

  1. It is good for prosperity as it is one the outcomes from the Samudranathan. A must for every puja room.
  2. It is good for professionals like engineers, doctors, marketing and any profession which is related to service industry. As this is a principle instrument in the hands of all deities especially the lord Vishnu.
  3. A very good remedy for Vastu defects as it has all the five elements. It can be kept in the east of the house or office.
  4. It is good for finances as it is also liked by the lord Kubera.
  5. It attracts the cosmic vibrations, it is good for the a good energies of the home.

How to keep:- 

  • Place it in the temple on a red piece of cloth, offer rice, kumkum and flowers.
  • One can also place it in the east for clearing the vastu defects.
  • Place it on any Monday, Wednesday , or any festival day.
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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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