• Ekakshi Nariyal Ekakshi Nariyal
  • Ekakshi Nariyal Ekakshi Nariyal
  • Ekakshi Nariyal Ekakshi Nariyal

Prosperity & Luck Charm | Ekakshi Nariyal

Normally the coconuts are seen with three dots on there body that is considered as one mouth and two eyes. These are generally coconuts. But the coconuts which are called as EKAKSHI NARIYAL are found with one eye and are very rare. Ekakshi is very auspicious and prosperous Nariyal.

Get Rid of Problems:

Where ever it is available, removes all problems.

How to use:  

  1. It should be wrapped in a red cloth and offered Prasad.
  2. It is understood that maa lakshami and the creator lord Vishnu resides in the Ekakshi nariyal.

Money Saving:

If your money is not saved, if you have more expenditures then your income then take the help from Ekakshi Nariyal. How to use:  Place this Ekakshi Nariyal in the cash safe and bank lockers. This improves stability and inflow of funds. Reduce your expenditures.

Husband's adore:

To get Peace and love in married life, keep this Nariyal in a yellow cloth and place it on your bedroom door.

Main Door Vaastu:

By vaastu of main door is wrong, problem start coming.

How to use: 

  1. Place ekakshi nariyal wrapped in red cloth above chokhat of the door. This can be place on Monday.
  2. Place Original, energized and powered Ekakshi Nariyal and make your life simple and easy.
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Energize by Dr. Puneet Chawla

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