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Health Remedies | HEALTH BOOSTER BAG

Health is of prime importance in order to show performance in any and every field of life. Without good health one can never yield the best results as per his/her capability. Without a healthy mind and body; one cannot think or act wisely and is not able to dispense his duties of life in a systematic manner. Growth demands hard work which in turn can be achieved only if one remains in a healthy and good condition, both mentally as well as physically. To ensure good health, one should check for Vaastu principles relating to it within his house and make sure they comply by it.

What Vastu factors can lead to health issues?

  • • Make sure there is no toilet in the North-east direction of your premises, or else it may cause chronic diseases to the residents and even lead to major surgeries.
  • • If the north-east is occupied by couples in the house, it may lead to difficult pregnancies and the birth of abnormal children.
  • • One should not place one’s head towards the north while sleeping or else the North Pole energy coming from this direction can create sleeping disorders and other health issues.
  • • The south-west should be bereft of toilets, borewells, underground water tanks, swimming pools and other water-related elements; otherwise it can lead to many serious health challenges including unnecessary tensions and depression.
  • • Bedrooms in the south-east can give rise to high blood pressure for its occupants, routine irritation in their behavior and regular mood swings.
  • • As per Vastu doctrines, the east, from where the sun shines and spreads its brightness to the world, is a very sensitive direction which needs to be handled very carefully. Blockage or heaviness created in this area can cause severe eye-related problems, paralytic strokes and severe headache and migraine for its inmates.

Dr. Puneet Chawla, a highly renowned Vastu consultant with over 24 years of experience in the field of Vastu and an enlightened guru says we all need comforts in life, and without good health we cannot enjoy a wealthy and good life. To attract health and peace of mind, it is very important to follow Vastu rules for good health. Everything looks redundant without good health. The atmosphere has to be healthy and the surrounding should be Vastu compliant.

What is Health Booster Bag?

To ensure good health by following Vastu principles in a non compliant Vastu set-up without having to demolish the structure, Dr. Chawla has used his special attributes and created the unique Health Booster Bag which comes as a bunch of powerful remedies that are capable of solving all your health issues by removing all negativities within you and the environment surrounding you. It consists of unique crystals and other ingredients especially designed by Dr. Chawla to relieve the pain and agony of millions of his followers located in every nook and corner of the globe.

Advantages of the health booster bag?

  • • Removes negativity from within you and your surrounding
  • • Induces positive rays in you
  • • Makes you positive in thoughts and actions
  • • Removes depression
  • • Makes you self-independent and self confident
  • • Makes you capable of dealing with every harsh situation with complete ease and understanding
  • • Your approach towards people around you becomes very positive and accepting

How to use the Health Booster bag?

The health Booster Bag should be placed in your bedroom or office where you tend to spend maximum time. Keeping it in both the places would be best as it would keep you positive and energised both at the work front and at the home front. This bag contains special crystals which suck up the negativity from the surrounding and hence it needs to be replaced every month.

Final take

Remember, life is a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs in every juncture of it. You can enjoy this ride only with the richness of health with you. You can buy richness with health but you cannot buy health with richness, so be happy, stay healthy and live life satisfactorily- Dr. Puneet Chawla

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