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Live Vastu For Office

Live Vastu for office

- The office is where you spend most of your waking, productive hours, in the company of other colleagues with the purpose of advancing business and attaining prosperity. Vaastu plays a significant role in influencing the growth and prosperity of a business through the right office décor. The furniture arrangement and direction of seating play an important part in determining profitable outcomes out of inputs of workers. It also energizes them and gives them a feeling of harmony. Thus, Vaastu works for the employees as much as it does for the business. - Placement of the cabin of the owner, the Chairman or the head of a business, and its direction are important considerations in Vaastu. Vaastu dictates that his office should be in the South West or Southern part and he should face East. Middle management staff are strategically placed in the Northern and Eastern zones of the office. Tables and chairs are never located under an overhead beam. Vaastu has specific norms for location of toilets, pantry, store and for appliances. Harmonizing all the elements within an office, including the décor and its layout, contributes greatly to productivity and prosperity. - In an existing office there may not be much you can do except reshuffle the locations while external factors like the angle of sunlight and direction of entrance are not within your control. However, when you are moving from one office to another one, you can take these factors into consideration as well and select the right location and a well-sited office complex as an aid to further growth and prosperity. - All factors connected to the interior and exterior of the office are explained in minutest detail in our report for you and following the simple guidelines will show a great improvement for you. - Requirement for the analysis:         Layout of office/shop Nature of business Your personal nature(100 words that describes you in business) Your liking of colors About your Relations and family Health issues Achivements.     Report for Vaastu for office Includes:   Mentioning of Defects There possible defects Remedies without any demolition Files placement location. Cash locker location Color themes according to the profession or nature of business.

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