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How to Sleep better

How to Sleep better

Vastu Shastra has had a new field of science which is known as Live Vastu and is utterly dedicated towards improving the day to day life of the subjects. Live Vastu is a revolutionary Vastu Shastra concept that is been  founded by me.

On the topic of Sleeping, he explains about 3 major tips that should be implemented before sleeping that would ensure that you remain as fresh as possible the next morning and have a fruitful day.

Tip 1 to sleep better-:

We all have a habit to keep ourselves clean all the time. Scorching heat often forces us to bathe multiple times, sometimes even in the evening. But there are some cold areas too where people don’t usually follow this for obvious reasons. That forces people to simply wash their faces to keep themselves fresh.

I have focuses on energies, the energy of the body is related to the feet. Hence, it is imperative to keep them clean before you go to bed. Moreover, they should even be oiled. This helps to lock the energy inside the body and there is no leakage while sleeping. It is even mentioned in ‘Lakshmi Puraan’ that the ones who clean their feet before sleeping and keep them oiled, he is always blessed with the presence of Maha Lakshmi. In case you are not able to wash the feet due to some reason, you can clean them with the help of a wet towel and then apply oil or moisturizer. Thus, an energy disconnection will happen that will keep the negative energies out of your body and help you have positive dreams and a sound sleep, which will automatically be reflected in the quality of your next day.

Tip 2 to sleep better-:

Our belly button is a body part that attaches itself with anything and everything that comes your way throughout the day, both positive and negative. Hence, before you sleep, another great tip is to focus all your energy and attention on this body part to disconnect it with the world, cleanse your energy and keep all the negativity of the day aside. This is similar to the fact that you close the door of your room and your house before sleeping so that there is no infiltration. In the same way, you have to disconnect your aura from the world and disconnect the negative energies of the people and places around you.

Tip 3 to sleep better-:

Apart from these, when you are in a light sleep, use the power of visualization to imagine that you are succeeding in life in whatever that you may be doing. For example, a businessman may visualize that he is finalizing a business deal that is bringing him lots of revenues. This will make you focused and positive towards your work and carry this forward to the next day.

Tip 4 to sleep better-:

All the day we are in a rush and see different mind disturbing things and elements through out the day. These things don’t let us sleep properly. I advise to keep a copper vessal ful of water near your head while sleeping. In the morning you can pour this water in a plant or tree. This may help you eliminate all the tiring and disturbing energies. 

Enjoy the sleep!

Aum Namah Shivaye