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Maa Lakshmi

Maa Lakshmi

Maa Lakshmi Understanding Maa Lakshmi Bring it with your vaastu enviroment (Give a suitable title) This universe understands the language of money. Money could be health as you cannot getmedical aid without it, money could be motivation so you may work hard. Money could be a relation as you can provide better support to relations. Money wors as a communicator. Generally it is understood that Maa Lakshmi gives money only. Do you think a person working for 12 - 15 hours a day, getting a hand ful of money but at the end of the day is he happy, satisfied. Yes there is need to analyse the lackness in your life. Here we understand the concept of Lakshmi. It can be called as contentment, satisfaction in life. Maa Lakshmi can be named as AshtLakshmi i.e. there are eight aspects of Lakshmi.

(i) Riddhi Lakshmi: This aspect shows that you have some major achivements in life. Lots of accomplishments which can portray you. These people can be located in such places where the nature is accpted in its purest form. Houses which are abudant in nature help you attain the Ridhhi aspect of Maa Lakshmi.

(ii) Sidhhi Lakshmi: Sidhhi is education, professional talent, skill. If you have skill and proffessional qualification's you are always a rich person. More openigs towards north opens the door for awarness, concentration and memory. Hence helps you to gain skills in different fields. Concentrating on your navel enhances your awarness levels's and knowldge for the betterment.

(iii) Kirti Lakshmi:It comes in the form of Name, fame respect you gain from this society. Money can not bring you name and fame but vica versa. Enhance your east direction for the name and fame. Always keep this direction very clean, identify east by beautifying it and do not burden this direction.

(iv) Griha Lakshmi: This indicates getting an understanding and good soulmate in your life. A right partner makes you life journey very easy and coushions you from all jerks you get on life road. To gain this aspect apply law equality. Whereever there is dark give equal amount of light, where ever there is dullness give sharpness. The balance between male and female energies, balance between recptivness and givingness. Give combination in colors and sounds. Choose right direction for the bedroom. Also still the irritating sounds of doors and there latches etc.

(v) Securtiy/ Saftey from enemies: This indicates a secure life where you have no enimies in your life. Scan the southeastern directions of your structure. What all have you given in this direction. See your main entries, also see your water sources.

(vi) Sanjivani Lakshmi: Health is a basic factor of our life. If you are not healthy you can grow in life, cannot work hard. Analyse the toilets in your house, analyse your bedroom area. Ensure the free flow of subtle energies in your house and do the best usage of it.

(vii)Kanti Lakshmi: THis aspect indicates the personality part of your life. You impress people by your personality. Create a clutter free enviromment in your house or office. Respect the rising sun harmonize yourself with it. Create balance of fire in your house with other elements of life. Fire is an improtant factor for personality. Fire cooks your food,it also creates hunger in your body. fire polishes the gold. Always take support of solid walls at your back.

(viii) Dhan Lakshmi: This last aspect is only money part. See the northeastern part which gives you magnetic energy, this energy can transmuted in money form. There should be no obstruction or leakage of this energy. More openings towards the north and east directions. Water sources from the northern and northeastern sides. Make your enteries from the prosperus direction, beautiy the main enteries. Take care that the enteries may have no obstruction inside or outside.