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Vastu Tips During Construction & Home Interiors

Vastu Tips During Construction & Home Interiors

Vastu for a better living can be applied and adapted at any time whenever one develops a deep consciousness to follow and believe in it completely. This means, Vastu tips during construction and remedies for home interiors both work wonderfully in favour of the person following it t both times. Vastu principles can and should be applied at the time of getting a property constructed and even later while doing up its interiors, after the basic construction of the structure of the building is complete. Doing so not only ensures wealth but also provide specific recommendations for good health. Here is a list of these in a precise manner.

Vastu tips which should be followed and points which should be considered while construction is going on:

•    Staircases should never be placed in the centre of the house at any cost as this would bring bad health to the inmates. 

•     Placement of gates in the south direction led to major health issues as this direction is owned by Lord Yam, the god of death. If at any cost, this placement cannot be avoided, then make sure that the gates in the south are very high and made of wood. 

•    The southeast is the most ideal location for a kitchen as this is owned by Agnidev, the lord of fire. Hence, kitchen should be located here only

•    Trees should not be grown in the north, east and north east part of the plot as they would block this area. The north and the east directions should be left open as far as possible. 

Vastu remedies for home interiors

•    Placing your head in the south while sleeping is highly recommended in Vastu in order to maintain overall good health in general. One should never sleep with his or her head placed towards the south.

•    For cooking and eating, the north direction should be avoided. Instead the east should be used for the same. This would lead to promotion of effective digestion and good health.

•    A rubber or tulsi plant should be placed in the north east in order to ensure Vastu for good health.  

•    In order to prevent miscarriages and abortions, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the north eastern rooms.

•    Beds made of metals should be avoided for sleeping in order to keep brain and heart related diseases at bay. 

•    In order to promote good health, light a candle or lamp in the north eastern direction every day.

•    No activity should be performed beneath a beam including sleeping and resting, or else one would suffer from constant headaches and depression. 

•    Your bed should never be placed in front of a mirror.

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