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Vastu Tips For Career

Vastu Tips for Career

A successful career is the pivot of a man’s life. Efforts start right from the time he is studying. In order to succeed, students can follow Vastu guidelines. His study table should be square or rectangle and of an appropriate size, students facing the East or North while studying. The bookshelf is best placed in the North-east, North or East side of the study room.   The table itself should be free of clutter and there should be a gap between the wall and the table. If you place a lamp in the South-east corner of the study table, it aids concentration. Light colours in the room help boost mental energies.   For professionals too there are guidelines in Vastu shastra dictating placement of tables in the room. A crystal on the table promotes financial growth and lends a cheerful ambiance to the room. The southern corner of the room should be well illuminated. Vastu shastra advises that offices should not be next to bedrooms and should not have too many visitors. Tables should not have sharp corners and one should not sit with the back to an entrance. Rectangular desks are considered best for career professionals and keeping a vase of flowers on the east side of the desk promotes growth and prosperity of careers.   These and many other definitive Vastu shastra rules on selection of the chamber, placement of furniture and positioning can be obtained through our consultation. Following these proves a great help to boosting career prospects.   Requirement for the analysis   Layout of home. Your personal nature head of the family(100 words that describes you) Your liking of colors About your Relations and family Health issues Achievements   Report for Vastu Includes   Mentioning of Defects There possible defects Remedies without any demolition. Ten personalized tips

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