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Best Vastu Tips For Construction Of Stairs

Best Vastu Tips For Construction Of Stairs

Stairs play a major role and are of great importance in Vastu Shastra. Energies filled with forces of life climb the stairs of a house and make their way throughout its internal structure. Along with height and elevation, the location and shape of stairs influence the flow of positive energies very strongly. 

Best Vastu tips which should be considered while constructing the stairs are as follow:

1.    The best location for stairs is the south, south-west and north-west sections of a house. Do not place stairs in the northern portion of a building.

2.    The number of steps in a staircase should always be odd, ie, numbers like 5, 9, 11, 15, 21 etc.

3.    Do not hang any pictures of gods or goddesses at the building, middle or end of the staircase. The reason for this is that each level of the staircase is occupied by a human being’s feet and hence is not a clean, pure or respectable place for a God. Neither should you hang pictures of any human being, family or friends, under the stairs as this area is not considered stable.  

4.    Spiral staircases not auspicious and should be avoided. This is because spiral staircases encircle the building and bind it with inauspicious energy.

5.    The staircase should always proceed in a clockwise direction; anti-clockwise stairs bring in bad energies as they signify that the time circle of the residents is moving in reverse direction. Also, providing a door at the head of a staircase is considered propitious. 

6.    Avoid constructing stairs in front of the main gate of a house or building as then all the good luck and energy will climb up the stairs and will not enter or circulate in the lower portion of the building.

7.    Do not build a bathroom or seating area under the stairs. This is considered to be very unlucky. You can, however, create a storage space here.

8.    Never position a kitchen under the stairs as this will burden the prosperity of the house and make it stagnant. Similarly, avoid constructing a mandir or a meditation space under the stairs as there are too many burdens crossing over it.  

Stairs determine, to a large extent, whether the flow of the much needed positive energies visits our house and accumulates therein or not. Hence, be very careful while constructing and positioning stairs within your residential or commercial building. 

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