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Vastu Report For Light

Vastu report for light

Lighting in a home provides the required illumination for many purposes like reading, working, cooking, etc. It provides an overall illumination solution for all tasks carried out at home. As light is a form of energy, it has a profound influence on the people living in that house. The way a room look, the way a mind reacts is highly influenced by the flow of energy according to vastu. Right illumination or lighting in the house, can influence the harmonious living and prosperity of the inmates. Some basic rules in the use of lights in the house, which brighten up the space and spirits of the people living there, can influence many aspects of your life.   Different kinds of lighting:     A house can have general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Depending on the personal requirements, different kinds of lighting, their intensity, colour and temperature can influence the moods of the people living there. Lighting in the right direction and intensity can create a contrast between the reflective surfaces and the brightness of the room.     Lighting and construction of a house:     Usually, a house when constructed does not take into account, the owner’s zodiac sign and his personality. Because of this, the people living in the house can experience some disturbances in their life and relationships. These can be easily corrected by recommendations from vaastu experts. The proper and effective arrangement of lighting can influence a harmonious, happy and healthy life for the inmates. Vaastu principles are designed according to the power of natural elements like the sun, wind, etc. If these principles are followed correctly, the sunlight and its benefits are factorized during the construction of a home. This results in a harmonious harnessing of sun’s energy in the house at all times of the day.     An expert consultation with Dr. Puneet Chawla can help you in harmonizing your interior space by placing the right kind of lighting in the right places. While making these suggestions, the direction of the house, the zodiac signs of the owner and other inmates, and the utilization of sunlight are considered. His vastu expert guidance will alleviate all your issues and problems faced because of the wrong placement of different lighting aspects. He can suggest changes, which can be done easily and judiciously, by integrating all the aspects that influence the problems.     To get a comprehensive recommendation, we need to provide the following aspects and details for analysis:     General layout of the premises you are residing/office/work place A general description of the head of the family or the owner of the place. Head of the family’s likeness towards colours Details about the other family members and the relationships Any health issues faced by the members of the family Lighting points in the house, placement of various types of lights     Expert analysis report based on vaastu will include:     A complete analysis of the defects present in the dwelling A special mention about three possible defects Suggestions based on colour schemes in the rooms Remedy recommendations without the need for any structural changes Ten special tips based on Vaastu  

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