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Depression Solution as per Vastu Shastra

Depression Solution as per Vastu Shastra

I am suffering from depression for the past few months. My bedroom is in southwest. Kindly gives me Vaastu help.

Your room is in a very strong direction. Southwest is filled with magnetic energies, which are good for health and luck. Northeast is the magnetic energy generating point, which travels diagonally to the southwest corner. If this energy cannot reach southwest. This line is disturbed by excavating it or underground water tank, sewerage tank or boring etc. Water tanks in the northeast direction are auspicious but it should not be excavated on the diagonal energy line. Pillars or satires erected on third line stop magnetic energy. All these disturbances to this line can lead to depression.

Secondly the point to discuss further is the southwestern underground water tank, which is excavated in the plot. This point gives low blood pressure.
Thirdly, we need to see the northwestern areas of the house. If this corner is burdened with heavy material or blocked it confuses the mind that leads to chaos and anxiety. This is Vayu corner so let the air flow.

Fourthly, see that you are not sleeping under the beam directly as it gives unwanted stress. Also check, the colors of your bedroom. They should be in a mix of cool and vibrant colors. If you are using dark colors that give female energies add some male energy by using the light shades.

Lastly, check the doors of the room .If it is in the southwest corner, then its positioning is wrong and you must change it.