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How to Maintain Peace at in Home

How to Maintain Peace at in Home

How to maintain Peace Some vaastu defects which bring take peace out of your house.

Karma : As in vaastu enviornment there is earth's gavittional force in human life it is law of karma. A small story will complement this, Once a hardworking, kind and gentle man lived in a village. He was good and sweet person but his wife was very bullish, harsh in words, always complaing to him, she did not behaved well to the man and had made his life a hell. One day a saint came, the man was sitting upset, man asked the saint when I am good to my wife, i behave well than why she misbehaves and creates tensions for me. The saint answerd, In your past life your wife was a cow and you were a crow, the cow had a big wound and the crow pricked the flesh from the cow's wound. In this life she creates emotional wounds for you and then scratches the same wound.

Bedroom: Couples who have southeast bedroom always remain irritated and have clashes in their relations. When sun reaches this direction it gives Infra red rays which are very harsh and are accumulated in the southeastern bedroom at the day time. According to vaastu southeast is a place for fire and fire related gajedts.

Kitchen: Analyze your gas tove and sink in your kitchen. How are agni and water placed. The placements of these like microwave, gesors also matters. If agni element and water element are wrongly placed relations in a family are affected.

Pictures: Never ang pictures of animal fights, hunting lion, fire scenes, trees devoid of flowers and fruits, dead and stuffed animals and specially pictures of pigeons, crows, lions, snakes, vultures owls etc.

Kinfe and sissores: Knife and sisscors in the kitchen or dining areas should be kept coverd. Display or openly placed kinfe and sisscors give a bad relation.

Pickles : Pickles should also be kept in a covered place. display of pickles creates sourness in relations.

Room below the kitchen : In multi story houses some times the bedroom comes under the kitchen of upper floor, this bedroom is not good for peace in family.