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Without Demolition Remedies

Without Demolition Remedies

Vedas says

"Life devoid of struggles is a life bereft of happiness because the value of happiness is realized only after pain."

Dr. Chawla says

Vaastu gives us a life in which our intellect to learn from past problems, strength to fight present problems and foresee future problems.

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What ever is negative has to vanish.. This is the law of Lord Shiva. Whenever we are ill we take antibiotics to kill the bacterial and viral infections. No matter what amount of vitamins we take unless and until we don’t clear the infection the vitamins will not make us powerful.

Like wise when the vaastu is bad it creates a negative environment, no matter what amount of positive energy is added if there is continuous generation of negative energy, the positive also become negative.

This is the first step of Dr. Puneet Chawla to rectify the vaastu defects.


Clean the environment: This is done with lots of energy rectifiers, which include scientific elixirs, lighting, special salts, some home remedies, plants and certain crystals. This is his through research, experience and time tested through his above twenty years of practice.


Block the Defect: This is a wonderful step to rectify the defects. The source of the defect has to be blocked. For example it is raining and you want to be in the garden without getting wet you can take the help of un umbrella or create a shed in which you can stand and safe guard yourself.


Like wise in building structure if there are vaastu defects you can create a block for them so that they don’t give you a problem.


These defects may be South more open


It will be give you more karma’s and less yields.

South floor more lower than north.

This defect gives you dissatisfaction of work, and life. No achievements through out the life journey.

South has a swimming pool.

Gives blames, complain and losses in every sphere of life.


South West Main entry.

No matter what you do, the delays are expected. Nothing is achieved easily.


Southwest underground water tank.

Gives you payment delays, what ever has to come automatically will not come, delay in basic life requirements is encountered.Marriage delays, conception problems etc. are the basic life achievements.


Southwest lower than northeast.

No savings is the major outcome for this defect, earn a lot and spend a lot is the result, but note that earning a lot has to be achieved by the perfect Vaastu in north direction.


Southwest Cut

Major losses, no matter what a great talent you have, despite that no recognition is achieved.


South West septic tank

Gives business losses, creates heavy losses in life. These kind of defect are founded in Big farm houses, industrial buildings, and villages.


Southwest kitchen

You have money, position and stability, but still always depressed, at least two or three persons in your family are hunted by depression, anxiety and other mood swing problems.


Southeast toilet

Rivalry, diacoty , loot and theft are the major problems for this defect


South east overhead water tank, water borings, water wells etc.

Irritation, behavior problems, unwanted tensions, suicidal tendencies, murders are the major threats from this defects.


Southeast bedroom

A marital discord, clashes, divorces, unwanted ego problems between the husband and wife.


Southeast office

Frauds, payment losses, export order rejections etc.


North West Kitchen

Breathing problems, more expenses in kitchen then your income confusions in life etc.


North West Entry for industry

Labor unrest, high turnout, up and down in orders


North West Cut

A Big defect which gives, extra marital affairs, bigamy, low education of children.


North East Toilet

A Very high defect, which gives as many problems as you can imagine serious diseases, major problems in life, accidents and trauma’s.


North East Store

The growth goes stagnant in business and life. The thinking level goes low, life moves on but without the luster, without the light


North East Stairs

This defects give, brain diseases, eye problems, growth goes down as the stairs go up.


North East Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rejuvenate, rest, relax and recreation of lost energies at the day time. The North East bedroom is the bedroom, which gives you restlessness, powerless life, disease full life.
Newly married couples are prone to conception problems, miscarriages etc.


North East Cut

The headless body is an example of this kind of vaastu. A headless person is nowhere acceptable. The whole family suffers; the problems are not even describable.


North Toilet

Every person who has studied a little bit knowledge of geography knows the North Pole. The north is a giving direction. The positive energies are received from the direction. All the energies, which are coming from north, get contaminated from the Toilet in this direction. Major financial losses, payment problems increase in medical expenditure are the outcome.


North Kitchen

As we already know the north direction provides us the magnetic energy, which is life force energy. The energy coming from north gets burnt while operating a kitchen in the north as it has a major activity of fire here and north is a water element area. Inmates of the house become energy less, cash crunch comes very often, and too much waste of money is seen. The expenses occur which do not give the assets and nor the satisfaction.


North store

The stagnation of life, it goes dull, business does get boost, if you are highly educated then even a job is not available.


North Stairs

The success depends upon your logical thinking in every project you take. The north energy is suppressed if the stairs are made here. The financial growth is not at its best.


North Bedroom.

The inmates of the room do not assimilate too much energy. One should not take the north bedroom. The effect comes on the mental level of the occupant.


East Toilet

The toilet is a place where we pass out the waste of the body. This is a pious place. The sun is at its best in this direction. The respect is provided by Lord Surya the Sun. If this direction is malignant, loosing the self-respect spoils the whole life.


East store

The Store in the east is really bad in terms of the intellect and health. Both are required for a healthy living.


East Stairs

Heart problem is a major health issue. The problem pops up when the stair hall is made in this direction. The flow of energies is not properly regulated.


East Bedroom.

The bedroom has to be in south, south west and west directions only.

All the above defects can be rectified by remedies without any demolition. All these remedies are scientific and logical.

And many other hundreds of Daily life, LiveVaastu defects, to be analyzed and rectified within minutes and life can be easy.


The third step is Use of positive Vaastu


  1. Positive Live Vaastu is available everywhere in the building structure; we must recognize what is positive for us. For example the bedroom in the house are not properly allocated to the family members. In Vaastu the head of the family has to take the South West room. If the southwest room is given to the son is younger in the family, the imbalance in relations is created. The child gets stubborn and hence the system in the family goes wrong.
  2. Choosing of right colors is also required for a harmonious life; Dr. Chawla in Live VaastuShastra sees every aspect in the client’s life. A depressed person in life, if given a dose of red color around is complemented with abundance of confidence.


Dr. Chawla has numerous complementing therapies with symbols, and scientific Crystals, Metals, sounds and colors which can create a magic in the basic lives of the inmate of the house.