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Rahu characterstic and effects

Rahu characterstic and effects

Rahu Looks and Nature He has a terrible face. A beautiful crown on the head, garland around the neck and wears black clothes on the body. He holds a sword, a iron shield, a trisul and varmudra in all the hands consecutively. He is positioned on a powerful loin. His mother name is Singhika and father’s name is Viprachihtiki. Because of his mother’s name he was also called singhkikaya. He had hundred brothers and Rahu was one of the strongest and cruellest. He is called a dark shadow planet. They are no rulers of any zodiac sings.

All the puranas define Rahu as half bodied, and extraordinary powerful. The nature of the Graha is Vatta/ Airy. When the ambrosia was being distributed after the sea churning. All the deities were standing in a queue at the same Rahu changed his identity to a deity and cleverly adjusted him in the queue. But he was recognized by the Sun and moon. While he was having the immortal nectar (ambrosia) his head was cut by Lord vishnu’ Sudarshana Chakra. But he already tasted the ambrosia on time so he did not died. It was believed that who so ever drank the immortal nectar never died. So from that day he was converted in to a planet. He always attends the Prajapati’s meeting held for all planets. It is also mentioned that from the day when Surya and Chandrma opened the secrets that he is not a deity he is Rahu, he is always seen maintaining the enmity from these two. The Solar eclipse and Moon eclipse is due to Rahu only.

He is always associated with the material needs and worldly desires. He is also helpful in getting fame and name. He provides greed, lust and manipulation powers. He is a giver of obsessive behaviour, he can create plenty o f small diseases. He is always seen creating obstacles and accidents when unfavourable.


How to please Rahu:

One should worship Lord Shiva to please the Rahu. It is said that if one has unfavourable Rahu he should invoke lord Shiva. His powerful japa Mahamirtunjaya relives from all sorts of sorrows and problems. One should donate Abhrak, iron and steel, til, blue clothes, copper, urad ki daal, gomed stone, blanket, horse should be donated to a eligible Brahmin. The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Rahu is "Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom sah Rahve Namh".

The best time to worship Shanidev is in the night, the best count for his mantra is Eighteen thousand. His best colour is black. His ruler is Maa Durga and the supreme is Sarpa. His best stone is Honey colour Hessonite.