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Selenite-A Wonderful Crystal for Bring Positive Energy

Selenite-A Wonderful Crystal for Bring Positive Energy

(1). Beautiful minerals and crystal found in the crust of Earth have many uses and benefits. They are eye-catchy, beautiful and provide a lot of aesthetic value to a house. Apart from these features, these crystals are powerful elements with magical healing properties. One such beautiful crystal is Selenite, which has the power of converting the negative energies into positive energies, and has many useful applications in vaastu.

(2). Selenite has the capability to remove the negative energy from the body and mind, as well as from the surroundings. By removing the negative energy, it improves the physical and mental health of a person living in that space substantially. Selenite crystal has a unique quality, which can heal the different parts of the body.

(3).Selenite is also known as the Desert Rose, or Satin Spar. The composition of Selenite is generally gypsum. These beautiful crystals are formed when seawater evaporates, leaving behind the wonderful crystal. Though this crystal has emerged from water, it has a tendency to get damaged permanently, if it is exposed to water. So, it is advised that Selenite should not be immersed in water or cleansed in water, and has to be kept dry always.

(4). Also known as moonstone, the silvery outlook of the crystal gives it its name. It is also known to be named after the Greek Moon Goddess Selene. Selenite crystals when kept at home- ease the tension and negative pressures on the people, when they are going through a rough patch in their life.

When Selenite is used in a grid around the house, or placed in corners of the rooms, it gives rise to a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere. This crystal has the capability to remove blocks, which are not allowing the entry of positive energy from different directions. On a cellular level, Selenite is known to heal by reversing the effects of free radicals. This crystal is also known to alleviate the problems related to skeletal and spine systems.

The powerful crystal of Selenite has a positive effect on the brain, and induces concentration and clarity. It creates clear awareness and helps you in reaching high levels of consciousness. The vibration energy from this crystal creates a shield around the person and protects them from outside influences. This shimmery and lustrous crystal emanates powerful vibrations and brings in peace and mental clarity. The angelic realm from this crystal is helpful in dispelling negative energy. Dr. Puneet Chawla is an expert in crystal science and provides you with the insight on how the Selenite crystal’s healing power can be effectively used.