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Spritual symbols can Change our life

Spritual symbols can Change our life

A. Ganesha: Ganesha can be understood in the form of a symbol also. His vehicle is a rat, an uncontrollable and problematic element. Ganesha had brought it under control by making the rat his vehicle. Ganesha has the power to direct. The noose in his hand is used to trap the unreal the illusory. Another hand is in Vara-mudra (giving posture), with which he grants prosperity to the devotee. The Abhaya-mudra (fearless posture) of the fourth hand represents the removal of fear. Ganpati has poverty on his back. On his right should be Maa Lakshmi to render prosperity stable in your home. He likes Modak (Laddoo) as Prasad. Never offer tulsi to Ganesha. Here are more about Ganesha and Vaastu ?

B. Swastika: A Swastika represents peaceful energy. Our scriptures tell us that by using and applying the swastika in our lives, we can bring in prosperity from all direction. It balances all nine directions. Swastik is used on main entrances of houses, in Gujarat and South India. In the Swastika, the vertical line shows the creation of the universe while the horizontal line shows the expansion. The symbol is also known as the identity of ganesha. When it is used to remember Ganesha, two vertical lines are drawn on either side to depict this two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi. This combination should be drawn on the main door of the house. In commercial establishments, the words Subh and Labh should also be added on the either side of the icon.

C. Aum: Aum has over 100 meanings. It invites prosperity, it boosts stability. Reflection f this symbol kills anger, jealousy, fear and ego. Aum is the symbol for the entire existence. It is the sound of the almighty, from which all other sound emerges. Where we cannot place our god, we should display the symbol of Aum.

D. Kalash (Pitcher) And Nariyal (Coconut): All three deities –Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha--- live in the coconut. If we give coconut filled with gifts to our near and dear ones. the gifts become auspicious. A coconut placed on the pitcher and kept in the mandir is considered very auspicious too. This means the house is full of property and Varun, god of water resides there. These symbols should be used on the main door and in the kitchen and mandir.

E. Charan (Footsteps): Maa Lakshmi’s footsteps are made on floors in the form of rangolis, usually around main doors, kitchens, mandirs and cash lockers, To symbolize her entrance.