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Vastu Tips On Indra Dev - The Lord Of The Swargalok

Vastu Tips On Indra Dev - The Lord Of The Swargalok

Indra Dev, as we all know, is the Lord of the Swargalok or Heaven. He is responsible for the smooth and orderly running and management of Heaven. Hence, as a Live Vastu remedy, Indra Dev helps in bringing a sense of order in your life and work. 
Placing this miniature brass Vastu remedy would open new opportunities for you and would let you mingle with new people. It would lead to development of new contacts and connections. Indra Dev also ensures that skilled people join you and your business. In addition to this, if your work seems to be unorganized, then this remedy would help you bring a sense of order in your life, and would assist you to get it ‘back on track’. It also removes obstacles which you may face when starting a new project, or work that requires you to deal with the government.

However, while positioning this remedy, ensure that no statues or pictures of Gods (Devtas) or Goddesses (Devis) are placed with the statue of Indra Dev. This Maha Vastu remedy brings about very quick changes, such as, sudden opportunities or unexpected benefits and gains. Hence, it must be used judiciously. 

Indra Dev stands responsible for the smooth running and day to day functioning of the Swargalok, or Heaven which is also known as Indralok. He assists in granting organized systems and in developing new contacts as well. Hence, when used as a Live Vastu remedy, the brass Indra Dev helps in arranging and organizing work and bringing a sense of organization within the work premises. 

Such is the aura and effect of the Indra Dev that it helps one meet new people and induces new opportunities and contacts. It is seen that people using this yantra automatically get skilled people to join them and work with them in their business. Even for people who are most unorganized, this brass Indradev, when used as a remedy for Live Vastu, brings a sense of responsibility and order in their lives and assists them to regain confidence and come back on track. It even removes obstacles faced while beginning with a new project. Even deals with government authorities come in favor of the person using this yantra

The only think which needs to be kept in mind while using this Maha Vastu remedy is that there should not be any statues or pictures of Gods and Goddesses placed next to this statue of the Indra Dev. Using this yantra shows immediate results in the form of sudden opportunities and unexpected benefits in business. Hence, one should make use of this remedy with great care and judiciousness. 


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