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Where Maa Lakshmi Live

Where Maa Lakshmi Live


When it comes to money and stable income we always say it is lakshmi. And the one who has money with him he gets respect in the society. Dr Puneet Chawla is regular in research and analyses the lives of his clients. All these points are analyzed by him and read to in Indian scriptures. ?

The places where animals and birds reside. ?

Those who respect their visitors. ?

Those who control their senses. ?

Those who speak sweetly. ?

Those who respect food. ?

Those who are not proudy. ?

Those who understand others sorrows ?

Those who bath daily ?

Those who wear clean and tidy cloths. ?

Those who offer flowers to god without smelling. ?

Those who donate. ?

Those who always remain in festive mood. ?

Those who offer agarbattis to god. ?

Those whose wife respects them. ?

Those who keep their foot clean and soft. ?

Those who eat less than required. ?

Those who do not make sex on pious days. ?

Those who does not have bad body odour. ?

Those who keep quite while eating. ?

Those who do fasting on ekadashis. ?

Those who offer awala to lord Vishnu. ?

Those who remember god both in morning and evening. ?

Those who do not use broken furniture. ?

Those who do not touch fire and elders with their feet. ?

Those who do not sleep at daytime. ?

Those who do not make sex on daytime. ?

Those who do not use their body as musical instrument. ?

Those who do not use tables and other utensils as musical instrument. ?

Those who keep their house well lighted. ?

Those who do not chew their lips and nails. ?

Those who maintain their hairs. ?

Those who do not rotate their fingers unnecessarily. ?

Those who doesn’t have dishonest wife. ?

Those women who doesn’t eat food while cooking. ?

Those who doesn’t blame their wife unnecessarily. ?

Those who respect their wife.