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Best Vastu Tips for Workplace for Professional Success

Best Vastu Tips for Workplace for Professional Success

What shape should your office be? And your workspace? Where do you put up that honorary degree? What’s the best combo for professional success?

1. Shape: The shape of your office matters a lot and must ensure elemental harmony. Your room cabin should be regular shaped and defined. There should be neither any extensions nor any cut corners. The ideal shapes are perfect squares and rectangles.

2. Placements: Do not place yourself in the center of room: choose a corner towards the south or west. On your left should be closed area or wall. Beware of means overhead: they cause unnecessary stress. Beams hidden under false ceilings are as bad. A door in front of your face is not auspicious. Even behind the table, doors and windows invite betrayal. Sit against a solid wall.

3. Work table; work on a regular shaped table. Like a square or rectangle.strangly shaped tables are not auspicious. While sitting or working at the table keep the tables left heavier but not with pictures/idols of god! They need a separate uncluttered place. Your table is a platform for your creativity, do not ever eat or use it for other entertainment. Don’t put your head down on it for a power nap.declutter the table to enhance your efficiency.

4. Lighting, pictures and credentials: You should have adequate lighting in your office. Proffessionals like doctors, architects and designers can have dim light but people in trade and marketing should have bright white lighting. Picture of water cascades without mountains are prosperous when hung on north wall. Pictures of successful people like kings and business tycoons are also beneficial. Credentials and achievements should be placed on western wall.