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Do You Feel Restless or Depress at Home

Do You Feel Restless or Depress at Home

Does getting out of your place make you feel good and full of energy? it may sound surprising but can be true, for some places have negative energies, which can make one feel depressed

Some chagnes in various directions

* Unblock the Northwest: Vayu owns the northwest direction. The god of wind, which brings change and novelty in your life. Check if the northwest corner of your plot is more elevated or heavier than the southeastern corner, as such as imbalance would imply a blockage in energy flow. Also, if there is a cut in the northwest of your plot, it means that the benefit of the northwest is not available to you.

* Elevate the Southwest: You must also check the southwestern part of your plot and structure. Check the floor levels in the southwestern and northeastern direction. If the floor levels of the southwest are lower, it creates a vaastu defect. The magnetic energy line that flows diagonally from the northeastern corner should not be blocked or burdened by a pillar, staircase or heavy goods store. This defect cause  anxiety and lethargy.

Enter a New Phase of Growth

You may also feel that despite putting in your best efforts, everyday, you are not getting the desired results. If you feel your personal growth is stagnation or that your business is not growing the way it should, you will definitely feel frustrated and restless.

You need to check the main entries of your plot. Your main gate and main door should not be located in the southwestern corner of the plot. The southwest is an end: it should not be a start. Magnetic energy starts from the northeast and ends in the southwest. If the door or a gate is provided here. The energy leaks out. This should also be seen in comparison with the openings in the northeast: if the number of doors and windows in the northeast is lower, thenyou need to worry about this vaastu defect. The current trend is to create glass façades for entire buildings. It is a serious vaastu defect if the glass elevation faces the southwest, implying that the building front is made of glass and a concrete wall closes its rear, towards the northeast. It creates an imbalance in these two directions, which leads to financial problems.