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Best Vastu Tips Relating To The Height And Elevation Of A Structure

Best Vastu Tips Relating To The Height And Elevation Of A Structure

The height of a building has a major impact on its Vastu and has been discussed extensively in Vastu Shastra. A building’s height also contributes significantly to its attractiveness and stature. Hence, as a Vastu expert, I advice everyone to spare a moment to plan out the height of your office or residential building before getting it constructed. Vastu Shastra has very well-defined and clear-cut rules and regulations on the correct proportion of the height and elevation of buildings. 

We all must have noticed that large, imposing buildings always seem to have an identity of their own. Here are 6 best Vastu tips for deciding upon the height and elevation of a building:

1.    A building whose height is equivalent to its width is said to possess medium Vastu qualities, that is, neither very good nor very bad. A building whose height is double its width possesses superb Vastu as this proportion of height and width is considered the best in Vastu. It brings overall health and prosperity to the structure’s residents.

2.    A building whose height is one-fourth more than its width is said to possess good Vastu and bring peace in the lives of its residents.

3.    A building whose height is one and a half times more than its width possesses perfect Vastu. These structures provide prosperity to their occupants.

4.    A building whose height is three-fourth more than the width is believed to possess excellent Vastu.

5.    The elevation of South-facing building should be very heavy with lesser openings in the form of windows and doors. The construction should be done in the front portion in case of south-facing plots.

6.    The elevation for north-facing houses and buildings should be very light. The maximum number of openings and doors should be provided to ensure that the magnetic energy of the North-Pole enters the building structure. 

The elevation for west facing structures too should be a little heavy as discussed for the south direction, with lesser windows and doors. This can be made heavy by constructing heavy pillars, covering the area with the roof, planting bushes, shrubs, trees as well as decorating with.

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