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Connection of The Kalpa Vrisha With Vastu Science

Connection of The Kalpa Vrisha With Vastu Science

- Vastu, as we all know, is an ancient Vedic science which touches every aspect of human life and tries to brighten it with a prosperous future. It deals with the positioning of the various objects within a structure or interior space corresponding to the ten directions and the five elements of nature so as to create a positive and healthy environment to live in. Kalpavriksha, on the other hand, is believed to be a wish-fulfilling divine tree as per Hindu mythology.

- As a Vastu expert and intense knowledge of the Vedas and Upanishads, I, Dr. Puneet Chawla, intend to explain the correlation between Vastu and this Kalpavriksha and how they both prove to be fruitful for hum dwelling on earth. Vastu science is believed to have originated thousands and thousands of years ago and our ancestors and protagonists from the epics are believed to follow its principles in their everyday life.

- The origination of the Kalpavriksha, though, is stated to have been around the time of the ‘Samudra Manthan’ or the churning of the milk of ocean by the Gods themselves. Hence both these things have their roots embedded in history and both have divine powers to create positivity within its surroundings.

- Talking about the advantages of planting or placing the Kalpavriksha within one’s plot or premises, it is true that this divine tree, when planted within the office or residential surroundings, yields fruitful results for its owners and occupants. However, for this it is highly essential to see that its installation and position is proper and as per Vastu rules. According to Vastu principles, one can install as many Kalpavrikshas in one’s house as he pleases, as they are like one’s friends, companions and well wishers. These trees prove to be like saintly seers or sadhus living within one’s premises.

For a good Vastu compliancy, it is important to have all the aspects of the building as per Vastu rules like the entrance preferably should be in the North-east and the north-east should be a little lower and vacant as compared to the south-west side. This way, the different aspects would determine and influence the various areas of one’s life. Let us see some important facts which should be kept in mind regarding Vastu and Kalpavriksha:
•The puja room should be situated in the center of the house while the deities should face the East or North
• One should avoid gloomy and sad pictures, dark shades, cutting edges, thorns or points etc which damage the positive flow of energy within the structure. The entire place should always be kept neat and clean, clutter free and all torn or worn out things should be disposed immediately
• A Kalpavriksha can be installed in the meditation room or any other room excepting the bathroom and toilet
• The house should be well lit up with soft floating music and soothing fragrance which tend to grace the atmosphere with their presence.
• A very important Vastu rule is to keep the doors of the laundry room, toilets and bathrooms closed at all times and also place a mirror on their doors so as to avoid the positive and good energies from being flushed out from the house.
•The house should additionally be kept free from decorations of dead animal skins, bones etc so that a Kalpavriksha can be grown and nourished in this pleasing atmosphere and spread its spiritual blessings on the inmates of the house.

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