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Shiva as Kaleshwara

Shiva as Kaleshwara

‘Kala’ means time, it also indicates death. Lord shiva is this said to me the master of Time and death.

1. No matter if you have mastered the five elements, you have become one with the boundless, or you know dissolution – as long as you are here, time is ticking away. Mastering time is a completely different dimension. Kala does not just mean time, it also means darkness. Time is darkness. Time cannot be light because light travels in time. Light is a phenomenon that has a beginning and an end. Time is not that kind of phenomenon.The one who has enslaved the darkness of time is shiva. Shiva is timeless he is immortal. 

2. In the Hindu way of life, they have a very sophisticated understanding of time as six different dimensions. One thing you have to know – as you sit here, your time is ticking away. The Tamil expression for death is very good – Kalam aayitanga – “his time is up.”

3. In English, we also used such an expression in the past – “he expired.” Like a drug or anything else, a human being also comes with an expiry date. You may think you are going to so many places. No, as far as your body is concerned, it is going straight to the grave, without deviating for a moment. You can slow it down a bit, but it will not change direction.  Shiva on the other hand is not defined by time. Shiva is not born nor is he going to die. 

4. Time is a special dimension of life – it does not fit into the other three dimensions. And of all the things in the universe, it is the Elusive stuff. It does not exist in any form of existence that you know. It is the most powerful dimension of creation, which holds the whole universe together.Shiva however has mastered this dimension. 

5. Kaleshwar is considered as destructive avatar of lord shiva. Kaleshwar is believed to destroy everything and dissolve into nothingness. 

6. When I say that darkness is shiva it means that shiva is immeasurable. You can not measure darkness light however can be measured. 

7. Darkness is like ignorance. Ignorance also cannot be measured knowledge is measurable. You might think that shiva is comparable to all things negative but this is not true. You perceive the unknown as negative. Whatever is unknown to you intimates you. Things like time darkness or death are unknown to you so it petrifies you. You cannot connect to the unknown.

8. There is nothing to be scared of the unknown. 

9. Unknowns are inevitable. Darkness is there always. Presence of light will shadow the darkness but it will always be there. Light doesn’t end darkness. It only overlaps darkness. Death is also inevitable. It is the ultimate goal of life. Death will come. Presence of life does not mean absence of death. Life is the path to death. In order to achieve death one has To go through life. 

10. Here when we say that shiva is the god of distraction I do not mean that he is going to destroy everything thing. By saying that he is the god of distraction I say that he is the one who is leading us through light to the universal darkness. He will carry you through life to ultimate death or moksha. 

 This knowledge of unknown; this perception of nothingness, darkness and death is Kaleshwar. 



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