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Vastu Tips For Importance Of Shakti Spiritual Growth

Vastu  Tips For Importance Of Shakti  Spiritual Growth

1. The science of illumination of the nervous system is known as the Tantra. The liberation of energy and the awakening of the kundalini form the basis of tantric philosophy. Sexuality is just one part of the Tantric system which requires great disciple. Tantric system uses everything in life and it tends to energize and rejuvenate our minds and change our attitude towards life, sex and other components. It opens our mind to a better and freer way of looking at life and even helps us grow spiritually. Blocking our mind with tension and neurosis stops growth and even refrains free flow of energy thereby resulting in decreased body luster, premature aging and joyless existence. The quality and essence of youth and vigor is lost.

2. We should change our view towards the world and our attitude towards things in order to unlock the mystery of Shakti. We need to give time and undergo training to understand the ways of getting Shakti from people, situations and things. The first and foremost step towards this is to learn to relax and accept things as they are before attempting to alter them as per our ego-centered views and desires. After that, various meditative practices and postures through Pranayama can be utilized. Te most important change is required in handling sexual relationships. A person can be fully satisfied only when he gets a perfect mix of physical needs, as well as emotional and spiritual purpose.

3. However, to bridge a gap between the opposite sexes and to get rid of our neurosis, tantric approach can be of great help. Tantra teaches us to accept ourselves and others, use our energy and vitality in the right way, and also to surrender to what life gives us. Yoga is one form of Tantra which helps us attempt in getting the appropriate changes required for a better living.

 4. To bring about the required change, we need to work towards individual potential completeness and fulfillment. The first step towards this is to learn asana, pranayama and meditational techniques which in turn will reawaken the Shakti within us. On having achieved that extra transformational quality, we start living the philosophy and experience that it brings about for us. The various nadis, physic centers and physic passages come to life for us.

 5. According to tantric philosophy, the female is a representative of Shakti while the male is the embodiment of consciousness. When a female starts practicing yoga principles she becomes more powerful and dynamic than the male. Her shakti gets exuded into the environment. This acts as a source of inspiration for her, both at work and at play. Such women are called yoginis as their shakti becomes a gateway to a transcendental lifestyle for her and her family.

6. True enlightenment is said to begin with the awakening of the Mooladhar chakra for both men and women as this chakra is the seat of kundalini, the cosmic shakti. However, this chakra can be awakened only be the female via sexual intercourse while her male partner should use the kriya yoga. During the sexual process, women tend to reach a transcendent height which makes them experience altered states of consciousness which men fail to reach. From the yogic point of view, this happens because in women, the mooladhar chakra lies within the vagina.

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