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What Lakhmi Likes in Term of Offerings

What Lakhmi Likes in Term of Offerings

1. Goddess Lakshmi, the epitome for wealth and good fortune, comes alive every year during the period of Deepawali. Goddess Lakshmi invited into every Hindu household each year around the new moon in October/November, in an attempt to secure her blessings for the upcoming year. On the third day of Diwali, Lakshmi puja is performed with great pomp and ceremony. This day is believed to mark the dawn of new knowledge and self-enlightenment. the most auspicious time for performing the Puja is when Amavasya tithi prevails during the evening time which is called the Pradosh kaal.

It is believed that Maa Lakshmi likes cleanliness the most and hence she comes into those houses which are spic and span, uncluttered and absolutely well kept in terms of tidiness. Lakshmi puja consists of a combined puja of five deities viz Ganesha, worshiped at the beginning of every auspicious act as Vighneshvara goddess Lakshmi, worshiped in her three forms the goddess of wealth and money, Mahasaraswati the goddess of books and learning, and Mahakali , along with Kubera the treasurer of the gods. Before couse is commencing the puja, the house is cleaned from top to bottom and a rangoli is drawn at the entrance to welcome the deity.

Silver and Gold coins
Ten Supari
Uncooked Rice
Five Paan or Mango leaves
A Coconut
Water in a small pot (a "Lota")
Red vermillon Kumkum for applying the tilak
Oil Lamps Diyas
Holi - type colored powders
Indian sweets Mithai
Incense sticks Agarbatti
Dry fruits almonds

A Thali
Rose or other flower petals
Raksha Sutra* A new notebook
A piece of red cloth for putting the puja items
Ghee to light the lamps
Rose water
Icons of:
However, the special offerings for any Lakshmi Puja include the following:

Beautiful smelling incense
• Chameli (Jasmine) oil
• Gooseberry water (We add gooseberry powder and chandan (sandalwood) to water) Fragrant Chandan (sandalwood)
• Lotus flower
• Champak flower – We offer champak oil as champak flower, as it is not available in western countries
• Sugar cane juice
• Barley – we offer this in the fire
• Clean and pure water,
• Pure jute saree, Ornaments
• Perfume
• Bed sheet

On the Depawali Day, Maa Lakshmi is worshipped by doing Homa, Abhishek and Puja. Thereafter, a Sharada Puja is performed to bless the accounts books for the upcoming financial year. Then a Lkashmi-Kuber puja is also done to please the Goddess of Fortune and the God of Wealth.

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