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What Shiva Likes in Terms of Offerings

What Shiva Likes in Terms of Offerings

Shiva, considered to be the quintessential destroyer that safeguards the order of the universe, is however not a negative destructive power. It marks a positive and constructive destruction that transforms and builds life and energy for the well being of the inhabitants of the world. He destroys the evil within us and withstands as an inner transformation that marks our impediments towards success and growth.

From the devotion point of view, it is the Shivaling that is praised and worshipped in almost every Hindu household and even in temples. Believed to be powerful sources of divine energy, the Shivaling receives offerings of milk and other substances. Things which are liked the most by Lord Shiva, in terms of offerings, are:

  • Bhasma (smearing ash) which Lord Shiva wears on his forehead in three horizontal stripes
  • Rudraksha which symbolizes Shiva’s eyes
  • Dhurva (auspicious grass) and Tulsi leaf along with the Manjari
  • Half circumambulation should be done while worshipping Lord Shiva
  • Bilvapatra should be offered to Lord Shiva
  • Amla, Lotus flower and Agast flower should be offered too
  • ‘Bhaang’ should be offered to the deity as well

Lord Shiva wears garlands of snakes around his neck, has a Damru with him, and wears a half crescent moon on his head and remains seated upon a tiger skin. He wears two Kundalas known as Alakshya (meaning which cannot be shown by sign) and Niranjan (meaning which cannot be seen by immortal eyes). Nandi ( the name of the bull) serves as Shiva’s mount. It is said that the person who is offering the ritual (puja) to Shiva should bear a tilak on his forehead and should always face the North.

Some don’t while doing Shiva Puja:

  • Sesamum is never used in worshipping Lord Shiva, even Champa flower should not be used for the same
  • Two Shivalings should never be worshipped together, this brings unhappiness
  • When the Puja for Lord Shiva is going on, Kartaal should never be used
  • Lord Shiva’s circumambulation is never done in a complete circle. In fact, the drainage place from where the water flows down should never be crossed. A reverse circumambulation is initiated from here
  • While offering Bilvapatra to Shiva, make sure that the Chakra and the Bajra should not be there. Where Chakra is the white mark made by insects, the Bajra is the thick portion towards the stalk. This part should be removed before offering to the Lord.
  • Two dipaks should never be lighted together.

Lord Shiva, the destroyer, destroys our imperfections in order to ensure spiritual progress. He destroys our old memories to give way to new ones with the movement of time. He destroys our sins, our weaknesses and all our wrong doings so that our impure soul gets converted into a pure one, free from sacrileges and we can attain the epitome of faith and trust in the Lord.

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