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Kitchens and Dinnings

Kitchens and Dinnings

Food which is base of our life is cooked in the place called kitchen. In the earlier times the kitchens were made in the open spaces. This was done to get full light and exhaustion of smoke from the stove. In the modern era we have closed houses and areas, so we need to take care of many thngs.

Best place: Fire related activites should be done in southeastern areas of the structure. The owner for southeast direction is Lord agni dev and fire is best suited here. Logically we can analyse that sun when reaches the southeast gives heat at its peak. In the southeast direction it eminates the infra red rays which relates to fire.

Color: Kitchen should be given hot and warm colors like oranges, browns and yellows. Green and blue shades are not good in the southeastern kitchens. Blue is an identity of water that is why it becomes the anti element for fire related areas. Green colors can be provided for remedy to the wrongly placed kitchens.

Position of stove: Best suited place for stove is east direction. Southeast can be the second option. In any case north direction should not be used for the placement gas stove.

Position for water: Water is an anti element for fire. Place all the water arrangements in the left hand side of gas stove. See it that when you use gas stove the water should be  towards the left hand side of the cook. Water includes washbasins, sinks, drinking water etc. Water placed in north direction is prosperous.

Door: Kitchen door is best placed in north direction. Take care that while cooking there should be no door behind the back of the cook.

Placement of raw food: South and West direction are best to place the heavy grains and heavy food.

Ventilataion and lighting: As discussed above light is a prerequste for a good kitchen. Give proper ventilation from the eastern sides. Artifical lighting should also be sufficient.

Dineing: In the early times used to sit in the kitchen for having the meals. Yes this activity is very auspicious for the inmates of the house. One should face north while eating the meals.

One should offer the first part of the food to the stove(the fire) it self, another part to cow and subsequently to the dog. These offering are very helpful in clearing the effects of our earleier made bad karmas.