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Each of these planets have different nature, looks and charteristics due to this they give different kind of results and bestow a particular boon to the human.

It is said when you are tired of hard work and intelligence but then also your luck does not work then you must see your planetary positions. If they are favourable in your janam kundli you can succeed, other wise you have to face disappointment.

Surya (Sun)

Looks and Nature

He rides on a Rath (Vehicle) which carry seven horses. The colour of the horses is green. The Rath has one wheel only.

His Mahadasha comes with a Tenure of Six years on one’s Janam Kundli.

Rig-Veda states that he is always a motivator, and bestows life in the universe. Markandya Puran says he is Bhrama, he is the creator, he is the start and he is the end. He is the one who manifests as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

To create harmony with Surya one should donate wheat, jiggery, copper, gold , red clothes and cow. These things should be donated to a eligible Brahmin or anyone who is needy. The Surya namaskar has many fold benefits on the human being. One should do it early in the morning at the time of sunrise. It strengths the eyesight, cures many illness and blesses the person with health wealth and prosperity.

Om Haraam Hareem Harom Sha Suryaya Namh:

His best prayer is Aditiya Hridya Stotra. This prayer gives courage, power, confidence and prosperity. IT is believed that one can get everything in life by chanting this paryer. The best gift worshipper gets is self control which is the biggest achievement.

Moon has a white and fair complexion. His Clothes, Horses and Rath all three are white. He is positioned on a Lotus. He has a gold crown on the head and a white pearl garland around his neck.

His Rath is based on three wheels and pulled by ten white horses. Even the eyes and ears of the horses are white.

The Supreme father Brahma designated him as king of medicine, water and Bharamins.

His day is Monday, his direction is northwest, best metal for him is silver. The nature of Moon is Kapha. Best gemstones are moonstone and pearl. In the zodiac chart he is the lord of Cancer.

How to please Soma.

If moon is not in harmony it gives breathing problems and lot many other mental tensions. To please him one should keep fast on Monday, offer prayer to lord Shiva, and apply sandal wood tilak on the forehead. Wear white pearls and white clothes.


Om Haraam Sharm Shreem Shrom  Sah Chandraya Namh:

Mangal  (Tuesday)

Looks and Nature

HE is counted as the third planet in al the nine planets.

His nature is of Pitta type that is fiery similar to lord Surya. He stays one and half month in each zodiac and complete the cycle of 12 zodiacs in eighteen months. He is the lord of Mahesh and Virshchika zodiacs. His tenure in the Janama kundly is for seven years.

He is considered as Malefic in the zodiac signs. His day is Tuesday

How to please Mangal.

To create harmony with Mangal one should observe the fast on Tuesdays for twenty one times. A regular worship of Mangal  is also a security shield against  the enemies.

One should donate copper, gold, wheat, red clothes, jagary red chandan, red flowers, and massoor ke daal should be donated to a eligible Brahmin.

The best time to worship surya is in the morning , the best count for his mantra is Ten  thousand.  His best colour is Red. His ruler is Goddess Earth, the Superme is Vishnu. The best gemstones are Red Coral.

Lord Budh has four arms with a golden complexion. He holds Sword, protection, gada and varmudra in four arms consecutively. Budh wears yellow garland and yellow clothes and gold crown on his head which makes him look charming. His beauty is comparable to lord Vishnu.

He is known as mercury in the Vedic astrology. He is the only planet which makes us think good and bad, wrong or right. Budh gives intellect, good communication, higher education etc. He creates scholars, scientists and other professionals.

According to atharvaveda the father of budh is moon and mother is Tara. His name was kept by lord Bharma.

His nature is Dry that Vatta.

To create harmony with Budh one should do fasting on Amavasya and Wednesdays this gives peace and prosperity. Emarald is the lucky stone for those who want his blessings. He likes green color.


Om Bharm Bhreeem Bhrom sah Budha Namh: The best time to worship budh is in the evening, the best count for his mantra is nine thousand. His best colour is green. His ruler is Vishnu, the supreme is Brahma. His best gemstone is emerald.

He is the great teacher of all deities. He has glowing yellow complexion. A beautiful yellow garland in the neck and sparkling golden crown on the head. He wears yellow clothes and is positioned on the lotus.

In Vedic astrology he is known as Guru which means teacher. He is considered as beneficial planet and said to be the most favourable planet.

He has three wives, one is Shubha the other is Tara and the third is Mamta. He has tenure of 16 years.

He rigorously worshiped lord Shiva and in turn in was  designated as Dev Guru.

Thursday is supposed to be the best day of Guru. He is kind hearted and provides justice in one’ s life. He can also be called as lord of speech.

How to please Mangal.

One should keep fast on the Amavasya and Thursdays to please him. Tilak of haldi (turmeric) and kesar is good to apply on the forehead. One should wear yellow clothes. The yellow sapphire or the yellow topaz is the best stone to wear for his blessings.

The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Mangal is

Om Gram Greem Grom sah Gurve Namh:

Shukra (Friday)

Looks and Nature

According to Mahabharata he is very wealthy and owner of all medicines , mantras and soluble. But he donated all his properties and wealth to his pupils and leaded a saintly life.

According to mataysa puran he worshiped lord shiva very rigorously. Shiva was pleased by this worship of shukra and blessed him. He said that you will be able to conquer deities and nobody can kill you. He was designated as treasure of wealth also.

He is a very favourable planet and does not create problems in one’s life.

He is the lord of vrish and tula zodiac signs.

One should worship cow to get his blessings. One should wear white clothes. Diamond is the best gem stone to wear and make him please.

One should donate silver, rice, ghee, white clothes, white chandan, diamond,horses, sugar, cow  should be donated to a eligible Brahmin.

The best time to worship shukra is in the morning, the best count for his mantra is Sixteen thousand. His best colour is white.  His ruler is Goddess Indrani the queen of gods, the Supreme is Indra. The best gemstones are Diamond.

Saturn is having a glow like indraneelmani. He wears a beautiful garland around the neck. He wears blue clothes. He holds bow and arrow , trishul and varmudra in his hands.  His complexion is black and dark. He is mounted on eagle. His Rath is made of steel. Saturn is son of Lord Surya and Chaya. He is considered a cruel planet. He has cruelty in his eyes. This cruelty in his eyes is due to his wife.

He stays three months one zodiac sign. He is the lord of makar & khumbh zodiac signs. His tenure his of 11 years.

One should worship Lord Shiva to please the Shanidev. It is said that if one has unfavourable Saturn he should invoke lord Shiva. His powerful japa Mahamirtunjaya relives from all sorts of sorrows and problems.

The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Shanidev is

Om pram preem prom sah Shanicharya Namh:

He has a terrible face. A beautiful crown on the head, garland around the neck and wears black clothes on the body. He holds a sword, a iron shield, a trisul and varmudra in all the hands consecutively. He is positioned on a powerful loin.

They are no rulers of any zodiac sings. All the puranas define Rahu as half bodied, and extraordinary powerful.

When the ambrosia was being distributed after the sea churning. All the deities were standing in a queue at the same Rahu changed his identity to a deity and cleverly adjusted him in the queue. But he was recognized by the Sun and moon. While he was having the immortal nectar (ambrosia) his head was cut by Lord vishnu’ Sudarshana Chakra. But he already tasted the ambrosia on time so he did not died. It was believed that who so ever drank the immortal nectar never died.

It is also mentioned that from the day when Surya and Chandrma opened the secrets that he is not a deity he is Rahu, he is always seen maintaining the enmity from these two. The Solar eclipse and Moon eclipse is due to Rahu only.

One should worship Lord Shiva to please the Rahu. It is said that if one has unfavourable Rahu he should invoke lord Shiva. His powerful japa Mahamirtunjaya relives from all sorts of sorrows and problems.

The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Rahu is

Om Bhram Bhreem  Bhrom sah Rahve Namh:


Ketu is the south node of the moon. He has two hands, wears a gold crown on the head and black clothes on the body. He has a black smoke colour and a ugly face. He holds gada in one hand and varmudra in the other hand. He is always positioned on a eagle.

He holds his position in the Northwest of the sky. Ketu is a friendly Planet for the human race. He gives lot of name and fame to the person. Generally this planet also leads one to the spiritualism. And helps in attaining the moksha.

His tenure is seven years in one’s janam kundli,

The nature of this graha is of Pitta type

To please ketu one should worship his mantras, do the lord Shiva’s Worship.

The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Ketu is

Om Stram Streem Strom sah Ketave  Namh:


These are the handy details of all the planets.


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