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Power of Mercury

Power of Mercury

1. Mercury is the first planet of the solar system with its mean distance from the Sun being 58x106 kms. Since it is too close to the sun, it is difficult to be observed with a naked eye, owing to the brightness that it is exposed to. Traveling at a speed of 48 km per second, its mass is 0.054 times that of earth’s mass, a diameter is 4868 kms and density 5.2 gms per cubic centimeters. Its sidereal time is 87.969 earth days it does not go beyond 280 from the Sun. Moreover, the planet has no known satellite.

2. Mercury holds a pristine position in Hindu Mythology with it being regarded as God Keshav, Narayan, Madhav etc, that is, a Prince in the planetary cabinet, one which does not act independently and borrows the characteristics of the planet with which it is associated. In other words, it acts as a protective agency that paints a picture of hope and faith.

3. On the other hand, Mercury is also regarded as a planet of intelligence since it rules over the central nervous system and is considered to be responsible for retention power and reproductive ability. Hence, it makes one talkative, witty and learned. Therefore as follows, its chief domain is over mind, memory, intellect, intelligence, perception, knowledge, reason, the fertility of resources, commerce and education, powers of speech and writing, ability to edit, an art of painting and sculpting, and other tasks that involve a cognitive ability with creative thinking. Furthermore, any person falling under its purview is provided with a good wit, easy acquisition and command over multiple languages, an affinity towards and competence in philosophy, mathematics, and accountancy.

4. When we talk about attributes, Mercury is a variable, convertible, feminine, neutral and dualistic planet. It is known to be the lord of the North direction in Vastu Shastra and governs ‘Sarad’ Ritu (October- November). Since ‘North’ is associated with ‘moving forward’ or progress, Mercury rules our business, correspondence, bookselling, hygiene, deities, food, literary pursuits, paper money and bank balance. It is the chief governor for education and is a planet that symbolizes oration and speech.

5. Considering the aesthetics of the planet, Mercury is green in color. Hence, it gives the native a green tint and he/she is full of veins. This makes Mercury the Lord of Skin. Alongside, the native is pleasant in speech and is also fun loving. Considering the features, the native has long and red eyes and has well-formed limbs, with a tall body and slender limbs. Moreover, he/she is of an average height with curved and thick (hairy) eyebrows. Parts of the body ruled by Mercury are the nose, brain, hands, tongue, lungs and nervous system.

6. But there are some negative traits too that are associated with the planet. When Mercury is afflicted, the native will be clever, cunning and mischievous, and an anonymous petition writer. His tongue and pen will work against those whom he does not like. He will even be a gambler, a liar, and a conceited and showy person along with being talkative, eccentric, unprincipled, inconsistent and boastful. He will work according to his whims. The native will have stammering speech, lack of memory and fluency, multiple occupations, propensity for lying, spreading scandals and what not. In this way, Mercury can have a serious impact on the nature and actions of the native.

7. Though, not everything is on the dark side of Mercury. When the planet is beneficial, it makes the native intelligent, a quick learner and provides a good and retentive memory. It gives him/her the ability of excellent oratory skills, an inclination to master many languages, increased mental ability as well as argumentative power. It also provides the power of enquiry into many subjects, including literature, and enhances the ability to do business. It gives the subject an intuitive ability and he/she works with speed and accuracy and is successful in all enterprises.

8. The diseases that are driven by the presence of Mercury are insanity, mental aberration, loss of speech, impotency, defective tongue, deafness, leucoderma, headaches, neuralgia, insomnia, giddiness, convulsions, hysteria, spasms etc.

9. The products represented by Mercury are betel leaves, walnut, spinach, plants in general, nut tree, medlar, willow, quince, male fern, caraway, ghee, other oils, green color pulses, green colored clothes etc.

10. Mercury also represents animals like dog, goat, ape, weasel, fox, parrot and reptiles.

11. Places represented by Mercury are universities, colleges, schools, all commercial centers, and fields for playing games and sports, hunting places.

12. Precious metals/gems represented by Mercury are bell's metal, Quicksilver, emerald, limestone. Native whose lord of the ascendant is Mercury can wear the ring of emerald in silver/gold in the little finger in the constellation of Mercury.

13. Mercury indeed poses to be a strong presence in the astrological sense and is considered to be as a vacillating, convertible and neutral planet. It often reflects the mentality of the individual and governs the reaction of one’s senses.

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