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Power of Sun

Power of Sun

1. Sun, the king of all the planets, is also the center of our solar system. It has a distance of 14,96,00,000 km's from the planet earth. Its diameter is approx. 110 times of earth’s diameter i.e. 13,92,000 km. It is a symbol of spirit which is considered as the soul of Kalapurusha. The Sun God is worshipped on Sundays and that’s one of the reasons why Sunday is a holiday everywhere. The Sun is responsible for causing the four seasons and the four elements of nature viz. Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. According to Vastu, it represents Lord Brahma with his four faces and is responsible for empowering us with resistance and vitality. It dominates our consciousness and provides us with force and will power, making us determined in our decisions.    

2. The Sun is a positive planet. It is masculine, hot, dry and orange in color. Referred to be the God of fire, the Sun is fiery in nature and its direction is east. It governs the summer season, ‘Grishma’ (May to July). It renders a round, large face and honey hue to the eyes. It gives color to the body, a bilious temperature to it and the hair is also given a light tone. The Sun rules the heart, head, brain, eyes, the right one in men and the left one in women, mouth, spleen, bones, throat, lungs, arteries, and blood circulation. 

3. The sun attributes various negative qualities in a human being like arrogance, meanness, boastfulness, jealousy, irritation, anger, pride and immorality.

4. The positive qualities attributed by the sun are boldness, name and fame, commanding ability, vitality, dignity, energy, happiness, royalty, optimism, power, success, good health, warmth, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, wealth, and honor from the government.  

5. Talking about health, the sun gives diseases like heart problems, epilepsy, cerebral disorders, aphasia, polyrus, cerebral disorders, high fever, baldness, low blood pressure and sun strokes.  

6. Sun represents several products like rice, groundnut, almonds, coconut, myrobalan, wheat, lavender, saffron. Pungent juice, jiggery, orange, asafetida, cardamom, Laurel, vermin, cedar, poison, marigold, pod grains etc. 

7. Animals represented by Sun are boar, lion, serpent, horse, lark, swan, nightingale and other singing birds.

8. Mountains, forests, Shiva temples, fortress, government buildings and public offices like District Boards and Panchayats are the abodes represented by the Sun.

9. The gems which the Sun represents are Gold, Copper, and Ruby. A person’s whose native lord of the ascendant is Sun can wear a copper or gold ring with the ruby stone in the ring finger in the constellation of the Sun.

10. Remember, the planet Sun is a strong entity in itself and can make a person healthy, wealthy and wise if his ruling and the favorable planet is Sun. its corresponding supportive direction is the East which should be kept free from blockages so as getting maximum benefit from the sun’s energies.

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