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Quartz Crystal- The Magic Healing Stone

Quartz Crystal- The Magic Healing Stone

* Quartz crystals have an emphatic aura of healing vibration and, are quite popular in healing, altering consciousness and spirit of new age. The power of quartz crystals has been extensively conquered in many of the technologically advanced devices like electronics and watches. Quartz crystals have been perceived as a front runner used in thriving facet of healing therapy and alternative medicine. These crystals have been observed to have a potential role in the modern medicine.

* Quartz is an integral part of a living mineral kingdom like the plants, animals and other living beings of this world. Once we understand the innate properties of quartz crystals, we can understand its healing properties better. This powerful crystal has all the elements of a living being, as it can breathe, receive and transmit. It is substantially proven by science that Silicon dioxide crystals present in quartz, get embodied with special energy transduction properties, when they fuse with other elements. They become personified into the powerful tools that can enhance the energy around and improve focus.

* A crystalline form represents perfection. Their structural lattice form responds uniquely to the different forms of energy from the nature like light, heat, sound, gamma rays and even the subtlest energy forms that help in the healing therapy. Crystals have the power of absorbing negative energy and transmitting positive energy. This source of positive and intense energy can be used to focus on healing the areas of disharmony.

* The power of crystals can be further magnified by the specific geometric patterns, which work as a grid system to unify the subtle energies. Thus, the crystals nullify the effects of the negative energy, create a focussed source of healing energy dismissing the causes of disharmony, anxiety, and depression, and transmit effective and positive energy that can bring in luck and prosperity. The beneficial crystals absorb the negative energy from evil and ill-intentions and create a harmonious and positive surrounding.

* The three favourable forms of quartz crystals that weave magic into our home and offices are plain quartz crystal, rose quartz crystal and amethyst quartz crystal. The properties of these valuable forms are unique and influence the creation of improved levels of health and spirituality in the dwellings. The healing powers of quartz crystals are simple, yet intense, and the right use of these energy vibrations help you improve your well-being, and assist you with creating a zone of positive thoughts and positive energy fields.