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Shani Dev - The God of Forgiveness

Shani Dev - The God of Forgiveness

Shani (Saturday) Looks and Nature: Saturn is having a glow like indraneelmani. He wears a beautiful garland around the neck. He wears blue clothes. He holds bow and arrow, Trishul and Varmudra in his hands. His complexion is black and dark. He is mounted on eagle. His Rath is made of steel.

Saturn is son of Lord Surya and Chaya. He is considered a cruel planet. He has cruelty in his eyes. This cruelty in his eyes is due to his wife. As said in brahmpuran, Shanidev was married to a beautiful wife, she was strong, spiritual and dedicated to his husband. One day after getting relived from the menses cycle she took bath and went to Shanidev in aspiration of a son. But he was in strong meditation and connected to lord Krishna. She waited for long but Shanidev did not responded. She got angry and cursed her husband that to whomsoever you will see he will be destroyed.

Shanidev ji applogised to his wife and she also repented on her saying. But once the curse from the truth full person’s mouth comes out it cannot be taken back. He stays three months one zodiac sign. He is the lord of makar & khumbh zodiac signs. His tenure is of 11 years.

He provided longevity, misery, old-age, disease, death responsibilities, ambition authority , humility, integrity etc.

How to please Shanidev: One should worship Lord Shiva to please the Shanidev. It is said that if one has unfavorable Saturn, he should invoke lord Shiva. His powerful japa Mahamirtunjaya relives from all sorts of sorrows and problems. One should donate Til, urad ke daal, iron, black clothes, neelam gem, black cow, shoes, kasturi and gold should be donated to a eligible Brahmin. The beej (seed,) Mantra for the Lord Shanidev is "Om pram preem prom sah Shanicharya Namh".

The best time to worship Shanidev is in the evening, the best count for his mantra is twenty three thousand. His best color is blue and black. His ruler is Yama and the supreme is Prajapati Bhrama.