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Vaastu Visit For Built Up Structures

Vaastu Visit for built up structures

Vaastu Visit For Built Up Structures

What you get?

  • Explains you about the basic directions.
  • Explains you about basic vaastu so that you are aware of your vaastu defects.
  • He analyses your building structure very minutely that is inch by inch is scanned by his sharp eyes.
  • Explains all fixed vaastu defects that your place has.
  • Tells you all possible effects of the vaastu defects on all the inmates of the structure.
  • After that he tells you remedies without any demolition for all the vaastu defects. Scientific logics are given by him for all the vaastu remedies.
  • Dr Chawla can sense negative and positive energies in a building structure and human body fields. He will guide you about any possible negative energies around you.
  • If the energies are bad in your place he will guide you to clean the negative energies.
  • Some areas on the earth hasgeopathic stress (pain / pathy in the earth). If on these areas any building is made, the recursions come out and give pain to the inmates of the building due to the that pain in the earth.
  • Dr Chawla will guide you that your portion of the earth has geopathic stress or not?
  • We should be aware that “ Life is full of problems” Keeping this in mind Dr Chawla has developed a unique theory called “ Live Vaastu” which can be applied to your life.

Notice period for Appointment: Six days

For corporates, industries, hotels and institutions please contact the office for the fee slab.
Special visits are taken for all over India and abroad. You may please contact the office for the outstation visit booking. Different fee slabs are applicable for different cities and countries.

Report for Vaastu Includes:

  • Mentioning of Defects
  • There possible efects
  • Remedies without any demolition
  • Color themes of Rooms
  • Furniture Placement of rooms
  • Energy analysis of the house stating the location of negative and positive energies.
  • Ten special vaastu tips.
  • Special donations.
  • Tailor made solutions for the problems.

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