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Common questions and their answers

Common questions and their answers

  1. How to make huge profits?

This means you must get the desired results according to your efforts. See which direction you are facing? If you have a retail shop or showroom the cashier should face the north direction. Try to place the cash drawer on the south or west wall. Paste mirrors in the cash box or drawer. Keep only cash in the cash lockers; do not place unnecessary papers or other things. Sharp lighting in any showroom creates heat energy and lets the client to decide for quick deal. Multiple and colorful running lights also create good vaastu environment. Also check that the place may not have any basic vaastu defects. Corners are very significant in analyzing vaastu defects.

2. What causes the accidents?

A sudden setback, vehicle accidents, kitchen accidents and Factory or machine accidents these all are very painful to for the heart. One should check the placement of toilets in the building structure, if it is coming in northeastern parts it is serious vaastu defect. Toilet in northeast creates chances of accidents and major surgeries for the inmates of the building structure. If you have a kitchen in northeast of your house it can give serious head injuries or diseases. Similarly furnaces, heaters or ovens in commercial establishments and factory give rise to labor accidents. Keep the vaastu alive to avert the accidents, life is really precious.

3. Why you lose the job frequently?

Some-times you may be blaming yourself for losing the job, sometimes the circumstances and your employer. Do not lose your confidence. Check the door/entry of your office cabin or the main door of your house. These doors should not be available in the Northwester sides of the structure. Same ways see the placement of your office cabin or your bedroom. If the placement of your office cabin or bedroom is coming in the northwestern part of the premises it is not good and creates instability for you. Also check if you have a window at your backside when you sit for work. Sitting with a back at the window gives instability. Do not place any water element in your cabin or your bedroom.

4. Why your daughter’s marriage getting delayed?

Marriage of your daughter is a big worry if gets delayed. Do not blame your luck or any body else. Check the main gate  of your house, if it is placed up the southwestern sides of the plot it is wrong. The defect will give you delays. It may see seem to you that how a water-tank can relate to the marriage of your daughter , but do not waste time, check where your underground water-tank is placed, if it is placed in the southwestern sides it is a serious vaastu offense. Also check the girl should sleep in the northwestern rooms of the house. Place two rose quartz hearts in the girl bedroom for chances of early marriage.

5. Do you have stubborn children?

It is a big heart ache for those parents whose children disobey them. It depends a lot on the upbringing of the child. But vaastu also plays a big role. Check the northwest corner of your house it should not be burdened. It should not be elevated in comparison to the southeastern side of plot. Also check that which part of the house of you had give to your children. If you had placed your children in the southwestern sides, they become more powerful and try to dominate. As the children grow the ego problems rises and gives a clash between the father and son.