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Follow Live Vaastu for Success

Follow Live Vaastu for Success

Success can be all types just get the basics right.

1. Direct Your Success: Maximum use of the north direction. Face the north when working. Kuber, the god of wealth, will bless you. Eating and drinking facing North energies you. For good health point your feet towards North while sleeping. Never block the north. Place a looking glass on the north wall to enhance the effects. Decorate the northeast corner, illuminate it and keep fresh flowers there. The presence of water strengthens the northeast: put in a fountain for prosperity. Don’t place large furniture or storage units. Try to block the west. Avoid openings like doors and windows. They drain away your money and efforts.

2. Out With Negative Energies: Light pure sandalwood incense to cleanse the atmosphere. Or put some sea salt in the water used for moping the floor.Creating strong Energies: create a strong environment around you. Good lighting, decluttering, maintaining cleanliness and using soothing colors in combination with sharp colours are some steps to achieve this.

3. No Obstruction: Let energy flow freely in front of you. Never work on a table pushed up against a wall. This obstructs energy flow towards you. Making a big bookshelf on the table also hampers energy flow.

4. Use of Fingers: Hand and fingers carry all the energy of our body, all the five Elements are available in our fingers. One should not rotate, use fingers and without any reason. Some people clap the table or their body, this activity is not auspicious. The energy of the body is drained this way.

5. Postures of Body: Sitting crossed handed and crossed legged stops the positive energy to come in our life. These postures show the negative attitude towards life and stubbornness in life. And one should also sit straight means spine of our body should be straight.  This posture helps in free flow of energy from the base of the spine to all the body.