Who all Woman were important in Krishna’s life
  • 1606

Who all Woman were important in Krishna’s life

Although Krishna had many women in his life who held different positions in his heart, I hereby highlight on two such women who entered into Krishna’s life in different ways, both fell for him deeply and turned into his devotees, they were his mother Yashodha, and Putana, the assassin who was sent by Kansa to kill Krishna.

Although every woman who came into association with Krishna fell head over heels in love with him but a few magnificent ones need special mention. They were not exactly his devotees but they loved him very deeply. The first one was Krishna’s foster mother Yashodha who adored him so intensely that her entire world revolved around Krishna alone. As Krishna grew beyond the age of six, Yashoda’s motherhood turned into deep love which later transformed her into one of the Gopis. She even became part of the Raas that Krishna performed. Yashodha, however, disliked Radha because she considered her to be very outgoing, unlike a village girl. However, after Krishna left Vrindavan, Yashodha, out of deep fondness for Krishna, could not refrain herself from being a part of the Raas that Radha conducted.


As for Krishna, he never returned to Vrindavan even though he stood across the river in Mathura many a times because his people there had always seen him as an ordinary cowherd boy and Krishna did not want their dream to get destroyed. He had now become a missionary who had been assigned an important role of establishing Dharma in the world which led to him performing many such things which would have left them heartbroken had they known of it. Krishna wanted them to be happy the way they were and therefore Yashodha too became a Gopi, like Radha, as the blue aura of Krishna had done its magic on her as well.

Another very important and magnificent woman in Krishna’s life was Putana who had been sent by Kamsa, Krishna’s maternal uncle, on his birth to kill all the children of Gokula who had taken birth during that month. Putana murdered many such infants who had just taken birth. However, when she located Krishna, she magically transformed herself into a beautiful woman, entered the house and took Krishna in her arms, walked away with him and sat outside. She had smeared her breasts with poison with an intention to feed Krishna from it and kill him as it was a normal practice during those days to feed each other’s children. But when Putana took a close look at him, the Blue magic of Krishna struck her and she got deeply drawn towards her with maternal instincts arising within her. She confessed to the infant Krishna who lay in her arms that she had come to kill him on Kamsa’s orders but now she really wanted to breast feed him, not with the poison on it, but because her heart was longing for it. She even felt fortunate to be given an opportunity to feed him. So, with intense love and affection, she fed Krishna with her poisoned breast, who sucked her life out of her.

Putana fell dead right there with a huge smile on her face. The final thoughts which surrounded Putana’s mind was of ecstasy that her life had been sucked away by the Lord himself, what more could she have ever asked for. Such was the mesmerizing effect of Krishna and his blue aura.