Story About Akrura, A Great Devotee Of Lord Krishna
  • 1879

Story About Akrura, A Great Devotee Of Lord Krishna

Krishna’s magic seemed to work on his friends and enemies equally. Whosoever came in connectivity with him never thought again of harming him. Even his enemies bowed down in front of him in gratitude and respect. One such incident, which I would love to mention here, is about Akrura who happened to be a minister in Kansa’s court, the maternal uncle of Krishna who wanted to kill him. Akrura too was a great devotee of Krishna and even happened to be his distant relative. 

Once, Krishna sent Akrura to escort Krishna and Balaram from Vrindavan to his court in Mathura. Such an ardent devotee of Krishna was Akrura that he constantly kept thinking only about Krishna while measuring his way to Vrindavan, his heart completely focused on the Lord. 

On reaching Vrindavan,  Akrura noticed the footmarks of the lord on the sand. Overcome with his devotion for Krishna, he began rolling himself on it.  He could easily connect himself to the higher levels of the state of the Lord, such was his love for the greatness of Krishna. He felt overjoyed for having assigned the work of escorting Krishna and Balaram to Mathura from Vrindavan. Akrura was aware of the evil plans of Kansa and hence on their way to Mathura, he stopped the chariot and warned Krishna and Balaram to be careful. He then went to take a dip in the holy waters of the river Yamuna. To his astonishment, when he dipped his head in the river, he saw various divine forms of Krishna and Balaramin the water. He was completely bewildered. When he turned and looked at the chariot, parked a little away from the river bank, he saw both of them mounted on it. He though it was just hallucination and then took a dip again, this time he saw Lord Krishna in his complete divine form. Akrura could not believe that he had been blessed by the lord in such a unique manner by having gotten to see his supernatural power and form. 

Krishna has always blessed and looked up to every individual who has loved and devoted himself to him. His love is so intense that just a pure thought of him is enough to drive you towards him and get blessed in return. All you need is a pure soul and unconditional love for the lord.