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Story About Krishna, Balaram And A Forest Monster

Story About Krishna, Balaram And A Forest Monster

There are many stories of Krishna relating to killing of unsocial elements of society. This one, too, is about a monster in the jungle and how the two brothers, Krishna and Balaram, encountered it. 

Once upon a time, it was a full moon night, when Krishna and Balaram were trudging their way through the deep dense forest. Since it had gotten quite dark and it was a dangerous forest to walk further, they decided to take rest under a tree. Krishna came up with a suggestion and told his elder brother Balaram that he should keep a watch till midnight while Krishna would sleep, then from midnight till morning the latter would do the needful and Balaram could sleep during that time. They both agreed upon the alliance and Krishna went off to sleep, as mutually agreed upon.     

Whiel Krishna was sleeping soundly, after a few hours,Balaram heard a growling sound from a distance. The sound was quite terrifying and Balaram got extremely frightened. As he approached in the direction from where the sound was coming, the sound got stronger and soon he could even see s gigantic monster coming towards him. As the monster growled fiercely, Balaram got petrified in fear. 

The more fear Balaram displayed, the more loudly the monster roared and he got bigger and bigger with every growl. The terrible sound, smell and size of the monster, standing right in front of Balaram , made him scream and call out to Krishna before becoming unconscious and collapsing on the ground. 

Krishna, who was fast asleep, got up with the sound and seeing Balaram flat on the ground thought that it must be his turn now to be awake and keep a watch. He began walking to and fro and the very next moment saw the gigantic monster standing in front of him. 

Seeing Krishna, the monster growled at him. As for the former, he began counter questioning the monster about his whereabouts as in what he wanted and what was he doing there. Every time Krishna  asked him a question the monster would shrink in size. Soon, the monster was reduced to just 2 inches. He looked very cute and adorable by now. Krishna picked up the little monster and put him in his waist pocket.

The next morning when Balaram woke up, he shouted out of joy seeing himself and his brother hale and hearty. He narrated his entire experience of the night to Krishna and told him about the monster and how he fainted with fear. 

Krishna took out the monster from his pocket and, showing him to Balaram, inquired whether he was the same monster. Balaramnodded but was shocked to see his shrunk up size. He told him how the monater grew in size every time he showed his fear towards him. To this Krishna replied that our fears grow every time we show helplessness and anxiety towards them, however, when we face them challengingly and question them back, they begin to reduce in their intensity and become smaller and smaller, just as the monster did when Krishna faced him courageously.

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