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Five Things Not Keep in the Bedroom

Five Things Not Keep in the Bedroom

1. The bedroom is the most private, personal and secluded area of an individual where he tends to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day’s toil. On an average, a person spends one-third of his life in his bedroom. Hence, its location, placement of furniture, color palette used for the interiors etc. should all abide by Vaastu principles so as to create a positive and relaxing environment for him as well his spouse, in case of a married couple.

2. Vaastu analysts believe and approve that the direction in which one sleeps highly influences the working ability and compatibility with his partner and other family members as well. If the placement of the bedroom is not correct as per Vaastu, you would suffer from various health problems, insomnia or disturbed sleep, restlessness and regular quarrels with your better half. To assure peace and prosperity in life, one should, therefore, be very careful while choosing the bedroom for himself.

3. The south-west is the most suitable direction for a bedroom to be occupied by the head of the family. In case of a joint family, newlyweds should not occupy the south-west room as it would lead to friction between the bride and her in-laws. Alternatively, they should have their bedroom either in the southern or the western portion of the house. A pregnant woman should never occupy the north-east corner bedroom as it would increase her chances of having a miscarriage. Unmarried girls should stay in bedrooms located in the north-western part of the house.

Five things which should never be kept in the bedroom are:

  1. Dull or sharp colors should not be chosen for the walls of the bedroom. Colors like light green, light blue, a tinge of lilac or purple are the best color schemes for this area. A pure white is excellent for creating spiritual harmony within the surrounding atmosphere
  2. Pictures of animals fighting, hunting lions, trees devoid of flowers and fruits and dead animals like pigeons, snakes, crows, owls, and vultures should never be hung on the walls of the bedroom.
  3. We should not hang pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the bedroom as this place is used by us for enjoying life in its different forms like drinking, sleeping relaxing and so on. Indulging in such activities in front of our idols is considered as disrespectful.
  4. A mirror should not be placed in a bedroom. However, if it is inevitable, then the position of the mirror should be such that it does not reflect your image while sleeping on the bed.
  5. It is a very common practice to store objects under the bed due to the scarcity of space or otherwise. However, this influences your sleep pattern majorly. If we talk about the principle of proximity, things placed around us have a very strong influence on us. Storing shoes under the bed would keep you ‘running around’ all night even while in sound sleep. If you stuff clothes under the bed, they would not let you have a restful sleep as they carry various life experiences attached to them. Similarly, keeping work-related papers under the bed would stimulate your intellectuality, thereby not letting you switch to rest mode. Also, knives, utensils and other junk items create strained relationships and confusion and hence should be avoided at all costs.

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