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1. All living things crave for love; be it human beings or animals. However, the negative energies that surround us tend to kill the quotient and feeling of positivity and love around us. Hence, it is mandatory to keep the positive energies stored so that we can enjoy love for a longer period throughout our life. Vastu says that a married couple should never occupy the south-east corner of the house as this is the place for the fire element. Fire burns whatever comes its way and hence if a couple occupies this section of this house, they will always have quarrels and fights between them and love will take a back seat.

2. Love and respect are the two main life lines for happiness in life. We all need a companion to share our joys and sorrows with, a person who would walk with us and support us in every walk and juncture of life. However, in today’s materialistic world finding true love and genuine relationships has become extremely difficult. In fact most people believe that only if your stars favor you and if you are lucky enough will you get a partner as per your imagination. Dr. Puneet Chawla, a famous Vastu consultant, believes that it is not luck alone which determines happiness for us in our life. According to him Vastu principles play an equivalent role in doing so and hence if we keep the Vastu of our house favorable, then it would become easy for us to acquire every comfort of life.


Noises made by creaking doors and windows and by moving furniture from position to another within the house kill all positive energies present therein. Hence, it is highly essential to oil all doors and windows from time to time to avoid creation of this unpleasant noise so that there remains love in the air.


The source point of all subtle energies within the confines of the house should never be blocked by placement of bathrooms and kitchens there. They burn away and contaminate these energies, thereby resulting in bringing about all kinds of problems for its occupants.


Clutter, in any and every form only brings about stress and reduces work capacity. It builds negative energy by draining off all your physical, emotional and mental stress. To identify a clutter, just try to judge the object with two adjectives in mind, is it operation and/or beautiful, if you get the answer in a negative for both, simply dispose it off without giving it a second thought. Clutter, in Vaastu terms, is ‘stuck-up energy’ which has to be let out to allow room for fresh energy and positivity.


Dead and negative energy is signified by non-functional walls clocks as well as non-operational electronic gadgets which should be cleared away at once. Keeping dry flowers in flower vases also emit negativity and should be replaced immediately.


Try to be happy always. A negative mood would exude negative energy which in turn gets stored in the house and would make you feel low even when you actually are not.

Keeping a check of all these factors will keep your love ignited and there would be peace and happiness in your life.

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