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Vastu Tips For Defects Of South West

Vastu Tips For Defects Of South West

According to Vastu Shastra the ruling planet of the South-west direction is Rahu which in turn bestows luck, finances, stability and health to the occupants of the house. Hence, it is very important to keep this direction Vastu compliant. Here are the defects of this direction:

Defects of South West -: 

1. A toilet in the south-west is a disaster as per Vatsu
2. A kitchen in this direction is equally dangerous.
3. A cut in the south-west is also a major Vastu defect
4. Main door in the south west is not advisable
5. South-west having an underground well or water tank
6. Living or drawing room in the south-west
7. Problems faced by inmates due to a faulty South-west

8. A faulty South-west would lead to incurring of unwanted and unexpected expenses, inability to pay a loan or instalment, money getting blocked and so on Accidents and injuries of the leg may occur due to this Vastu defect leading to fracture, paralysis or even amputation. Medical issues relating to kidney may even occur. Frequent quarrels, mistrust and disharmony may occur among husband and wife, leading to a sour relationship. Even the children of the house get into wrong company and inculcate bad habits.

Remedies for rectification of the south-west-: 

Placing a Vastu pyramid on the outside wall of the toilet can be quite beneficial. Also, make sure to keep the toilet door closed at all times.
To rectify the defect of a kitchen in the south-west, it is advised that the gas stove be placed in the south-east portion of the kitchen. The kitchen here should be painted in yellow and try to make use of water to the bare minimal within the kitchen premises in the south-west. Utensils should be washed outside the kitchen. Raising the floor level of  e kitchen can also help rectify the Vastu defects prevalent here.

Installing Vastu pyramids on all the four walls can rectify the defect of a cut in the south-west

If there happens to be the main entrance of the house in the south-west, it can be nullified by placing a Swastik, Trishul or Om on both sides of the door. Installing a Siddha Rahu Yantra can also prove fruitful. Placing Vastu pyramids on the left, right and top of the main door can also help. You can even place an image of Panchmukhi Hanumanji in standing posture with his weapon (gada) in the left hand on the centre top of the main door.

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