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Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth

A. Lakshmi

The divine mother “Maa Lakshmi ” is known by every body. She is the shakti behind all Materialistic powers. Lakshmi is mainly understood as goddess who endows money and wealth. There are sixteen sanskars in Hindu culture and every ritual demand money in the form Prasad , offerings and donations.

Infact every step of life requires money.

1. But there are manyfolds to uneveal Lakshmi’s Identity. It is not only money but Eight aspects of Maa Lakshmi.

2. She is the great feminine, divine consort of Lord Vishnu. She helps and assists Lord Vishnu the caretaker of this universe.

3. She is the one who have thousands’s of names and enormous powers. She is a feminine who creates a pathway to success and attainments in life.
Maa lakshmi is reffered as Shree and a person whom she blesses (Shree is prefixed to the name).

4. But in later part of this chapter I would like to clear that abundance is not linked to only money. Now I would liketo discuss the birth of Lakshmi.

5. Indra the King of deities was worried as he was cursed by rishi Durvasa that his powers will be diminished. His kingdom and survivial of all his ministers was in danger.
They were always under constant threat by the Demons who were becoming more and more power ful.

6. The Dieties started conducting meetings to make policies for protection and survival. Indra ad a tricky mind among all . He called a meeting of all celstials  and demons. He revealed that there is some thing  which can make every body immortal and that is  nector of life and said that it can only be available from the churning of the big ocean.

7. Indra said the ocean is too big to handle. And it is only possible that we get united and make combine efforts.

8. We will also be needing the divine guidance of Lord shiva and Lord Vishnu. A big churner, a solid base for churning and a big and strong rope to get hold offchurner is required. We all should go to Lord shiva and he can be a good help to us.

9. Demon’s and Dieties went to request for help from supreme’s the Lord Shiva and Vishnu. After hearing Lord Shiva agreed to give mount Mandar as a churner. Lord Vishnu became ready to give a part of him as Kurma the tortoise as the base of the churner.The head serpent Vasuki agreed  to work as Churner rope. By this divine combination of help the Demon’s  and deities were very happy and fully filled with confidence of getting the immortal nectar from the sea churning.

10.The work to churn the big ocean  started very soon. Every body took charge and reached on the designated place. The great head serpent Vasuki was tied to huge mount Mandar. Vasuki’s tail went to the side of Demon’s side and his face was towards the Dieties. Grasping the Vasuki at the both ends the churning began.

11. Everybody’s eyes were on the centre of the ocean. The bubbles started to come out. Vasuki was being pulled with speed and pressure. The beginging only gave sweat to the people working towards the churning. Suddenly Vasuki felt uncomfortable and coughed out a huge matter of poison  from his mouth. The coughed poison headed straight towards the deities as his mouth was towards them only. All the dieites got afraid  and started seeing each other in search of the escape. And to there rescue Lord Shiva instantly moved towards the Dieties side and captured the fatal poison in his mouth.

12. The poison settled in his throat and the area turned blue. This is why Lord Shiva was also known as “Neel Kanth (The blue throat)” . He smiled and said the churning must go on. This signifies that if a problem comes to your life it should be faced boldly and be absorbed, the life should be resumed.
After the incident magical things started coming out. The deities . The both parties started claiming the divine items.

13. Moon the cosmic ball full of light emerged out of the ocean it was full of light and shine. Other amazing and precious things started emerging up the sea.
An elephant appeared and was instantly claimed by the Deity Indra. Aravat the   divine elephant became Indra’s mount. Many precious stones, a magical tree, a wish fulfilling cow and many other items appeard. These all were claimed one by one by the demons and deities.

14. Soon after when churning was on peak all of a sudden an extraordinary beautiful glaring lady aroused among the curling and swirling mists of the sea.
Wearing a pinkish Sari and ornamented with gold and gems, she moved towards the side of deities. Nobody has even imagined this beauty ever before. She was Lakshmi, the spouse of Lord Naryana the supreme God.

15. The tired feeling of everyone present there eloped by seeing the beauty. Both the groups were like 
Hypnotized and forgotten to claim the divine items and the immortal nector (Amborsia). But finally the woman uttered Naryana and the spell was broken.
Indra headed to claim that woman and said as I am the head of the deities she is mine. And if anyone has objection on it or you demons want to oppose get ready for a fight with me. To his voice nobody opposed him , the delighted Indra approached to the woman and said O lady of beauty come and stand by me.

16. Maa Lakshmi than spoke , Naryana the Supreme Lord has sent me here to show you the glow and beauty of divine abundance. I am here to distribute the bounty of gifts among all of you. Whatever  one needs for healthy and happy life, I will provide and bless everyone for that. I will be like a mother for everyone.

17. However do not understand me as a weak woman, I have other strong manifestations which will even make you scream and tremble. But as manifestated in form of Lakshmi I will give material abundance.

18. Indra you look desperate to get everything which is good and beautiful but I am not your consort or possession. I am meant for the one who is righteous and think for the welfare of others

19. Saying this she moved towards Lord Vishnu and puts her arms around his waist. Then both Lakshmi and Vishnu shows the love and affection between themselves by looking into each other eyes.

20. She then addressed everybody out there and pointed at Naryana “ I am in him and he is in me”
She said my manifestation as Lakshmi will provide abundance in all eight aspects of life.

B. Linked with Vishnu, Lakshmi would now incarnate with him whenever he descends himself to the physical plane and take avatars to restore the dharma.

Whenever He is Rama She is Sita, as
He is Krishna She is Radha and Rukmani.
Vishnu is meaning She is Language
He is Rule She is Policy
He is Dharma She is Follwer
HE is Subconsicous She is conscious
He is mountain She is Earth
He is water She is flow
He is Satisfaction She is Hunger
HE is Kama She is Desire
He is Puja She is offereing
He is Surya  She is Light
HE is Shiva She is Gauri
He is air She is speed
He is Kuber She is Riddhi
He is Deepak She is enlightment.
He is Groom She is bride
He is Greed she is Desire
He is Tree She is Branch
He is body She is life.

Now Indra owed his head with repentance on his face. He said wherever lakshmi is worshipped, I lord of prosperity will bestow reains and ensure that crops will grow nicely and heavily.

The famous prayer ”The Maha Lakshmya Ashatm ” is composed by Indra. This stotra is chanted at the present time also and belived that it gives health, wealth and peace.
Now suddenly everybody realizewd that the nectar of Immortality is still missing, immediately a radiant beam of light started lifting. A sage appeared from the light and said I am Dhanvantari who has been created by the grace of Lakshmi. I am a physician and healer to this universe.

I am carrying the jug which has  Nectar of immortality and this is the reason all of you churned this sea.

The Story of Maa Lakshmi conveys a message to everybody that whenever we carry a churning to our subconscious and do hard work we get transformed both ways Materially and spiritually.

To attract financial abundance in one’s life, the worship to maa Lakshmi is the best thing can be done spiritually.
Shri Skoot is good prayer to please Maa Lakshmi.

The following Manta should be chanted 108 times at the time of sunrise.
“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyai Swaha”
Om and salutations to she who provides abuandance.

WHERE DO LAKSHMI LIVE(This is written in Vishnu Puran)

  • The places where animals and birds reside.
  • Those who respect their visitors.
  • Those who control their senses.
  • Those who speak sweetly.
  • Those who respect food.
  • Those who are not proudy.
  • Those who understand others sorrows
  • Those who bath daily
  • Those who wear clean and tidy cloths.
  • Those who offer flowers to god without smelling.
  • Those who donate.
  • Those who always remain in festive mood.
  • Those who offer agarbattis to god.
  • Those whose wife respects them.
  • Those who keep their foot clean and soft.
  • Those who eat less than required.
  • Those who do not make sex on pious days.
  • Those who does not have bad body odour.
  • Those who keep quite while eating.
  • Those who do fasting on ekadashis.
  • Those who offer awala to lord Vishnu.
  • Those who remember god both in morning and evening.
  • Those who urinate towards north in daytime and south in nighttime.
  • Those who do not use broken furniture.
  • Those who do not touch fire and elders with their feet.
  • Those who do not sleep at daytime.
  • Those who do not make sex on daytime.
  • Those who do not use their body as musical instrument.
  • Those who do not use tables and other utensils as musical instrument.
  • Those who keep their house well lighted.
  • Those who do not chew their lips and nails.
  • Those who maintain their hairs.
  • Those who do not rotate their fingers unnecessarily.
  • Those who doesn’t have dishonest wife.
  • Those women who doesn’t eat food while cooking.
  • Those who doesn’t blame their wife unnecessarily.
  • Those who respect their wife.

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