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Significance of Donations in Vedic Culture

Significance of Donations in Vedic Culture

A. Significance of Donations in Vedic Culture-:

Donation mentioned in our scripture as daan is a part and parcel of Vedic culture. Our ancient scripture says about the importance and the necessities of donation in leading a blissful life. To offer wealth with devotion is called donation (daan). Donation offers enjoyment in this world and moksha in the other world (life after death). But the wealth for donations much be earned through honest means and through ethical ways, says the Garuda Purana. Other wise the donation produces no result.

B. What is the real donation?
All donations don’t produce results. The donations should be a real one. People should not expect anything in return while giving donations and only such a donation produces results. If the donor donates something and expects something in return, it is not called a donation. No condition should be linked to any donation. The donor should be free from any hesitation while giving away something as donation. For the forgiveness of the sin, people donate wealth to the people who are engaged in social welfare activities.

C. Types of donation
Donations given away expecting child, victoryprosperity and for heavenly abode is called dharmavetta rishigana daan. Donations given to please God is called Vimala daana. This type of daan generates welfare.

D. Get rid of birth cycle through donation:
People come to this world again and again. People die and take rebirth Garuda Purana shows us a way to come out of the birth cycle .If fertile plot of land full of green crops is donated to a Vedic scholar brahmana, the donor will not take rebirth and attain Moksha

E. The greatest donation:
Garuda Purana says us abut the greatest donation. To offer land is the greatest daan. No other daan can be equivalent to this. Land is one of the greatest asset that one possesses. And giving away land as dana is regarded as the greatest dana in our scripture. Land is a permanent asset. It’s timeless. And the person is also blessed for life.
To offer education to needy people is very pious. One can ensure a place in brahmalok by offering education to the needy people. If someone offers education to the needy, he can wash away all of his sins.

F. Donations for getting rid of fear
If someone donates purified butter (ghee), rice, and water in the month of Basisakh, he can get specific results.   The donor can get rid of all types of fear. In the dvadashee thithi (2nd day of Hindu Calendar), a person should fast and worship Vishnu who destroys all the sins.

G. The donations as their results
As per the Garuda Purana, a person can expect the following results on the basis of the goods he offers as donation.






Everlasting happiness



Earthen Lamp

Good eye sight


All desired things


Long life


Good palace



Besides, if a person aspires to get happiness in the life after death, he should donate his favourite things. Uttarayan, dakshinayan, maha vishuvatkaal, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse are the special time to donate. The donor can get fruitful results. Donations given on religious places have special significance. To donate is the greatest religion in the world, says Garuda Purana.

H. Whom NOT to donate?
A person who does not have knowledge or perseverance should not accept any donation. If a person without knowledge accepts donations it degenerates his personality. It also produces no result for the donor. Donation should be given to the suitable person only. On some incidents like solar eclipse, lunar eclipse or any other incident showing bad omen, more donations should be given to negate the evil effects.


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