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Twenty one Vastu Tips to get rid from depression

Twenty one Vastu Tips to get rid from depression

Tip1: A person having a good store of the subtle life giving force, which we better know as ‘Prana’, can never get depressed. Recite the following SooriayaGayatri mantra, one mala at sunrise time every day and you will be filled with new zest for life.

‘Om Bhaskraividmahey, divakraidhimahi. Tannosooriyohprachodiaat’

Tip2: Depending upon your state of health add some light physical exercises or a brisk morning walk to your daily schedule. Apart from other benefits exercise releases some chemicals in the body which act as natural antidepressants.

Tip3: Have a balanced diet and avoid overeating.

Tip4: Drink plenty of water during the day. Avoid water or any other drink with your meals. Drink water at least an hour before and after meals.

Tip5: Sunlight is a good natural source of vitamin D which prevents depression. So depending upon prevailing season, expose your body to Sun rays for some time.

Tip6: Smiling and laughing are not just skin deep their effect goes much deeper and makes you less prone to depressive disorders.

Tip7: Have a good sound sleep at night. In case you find it difficult to fall asleep at night then avoid sleeping during the day. Spend less time in your bedroom during the day.

Tip8: Don’t be on your own all the time spending some time with the loved ones or friends is a good idea. Keep a smile on your face so that people don’t hesitate to come nearer to you and talk to you. Take genuine interest in others so that they love your company.

Tip9: Help others in some way or the other, this will boost your moral and bring you satisfaction.

Tip10: If you find yourself brooding over past events or worrying during your leisure time then start some hobby and spend spare time on it.

Tip11: Take some time off from your work and enjoy a trip to any place of your interest. This will fill you with renewed energy and inspiration.

Tip12: Avoid watching sad programs on television instead watch some comedy or listen to good music of your interest.

Tip13: Try to take as much fresh air as possible. Fresh air uplifts your mind and brain and your heart works better.

Tip14: If you feel sad due to emotional built up then don’t hesitate to cry. Holding in emotion can be dangerous, let your tears flow and you will feel better.

Tip15: Start writing how you feel; it is a good way to release painful feelings. Many great books have come from depressed people.

Tip16: Vitamins supplements and Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil are very effective in alleviating depression.

 Tip17: Talking about your feelings and problems to someone close helps a great deal in curing depression.

Tip18: Do not sit idle get busy in some work. Play with children or do some social work. Such activity will take you away from brooding on your own problems

Tip19: Believe that it is only temporary. Don’t think that it is the end of the world, don’t loose hope. Many people emerge as a much balanced and better personality after passing through such periods.

Tip20: Wear a necklace of Garnet stones around your neck for increasing self confidence and coming out of depression.

Tip21: Use more of orange and yellow colours in your dress and furnishings. Red can be invigorating but it can act in negative sense also therefore orange and yellow will prove more uplifting and at the same time safe for a depressed person.

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